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The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 31: Lost in the Mountains
The Donovackia spaceship from Koranth lands on planet Earth, and the crew immediately find themselves confronted by an Earthling.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 30: Once a Coward
General Chaldea returns with a plan to eliminate the two officers that threaten his position as head of the Donovackia Military.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 29: A Nightmare Begins
In his usual indomitable style, Bjorn discovers that he's become a YouTube star, and within a few hours he is ruthlessly kidnapped.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 28: An Honorable Farewell
For the third time, Lieutenant Mittelwert Padda joins Kadamba on a shuttle bound for someplace that will change Ka's life forever.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 27: A Question of Perception
Lieutenant Mittelwert Padda finds himself in the crosshairs of General Chaldea's fury and shows to Colonel Agastya how resilient Cadet Vohoor has become.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 26: An Illusion of Compliance
Chairman Tomar Donovackia meets with General Chaldea, and to the General's dismay, Ionia Villegas joins them to discuss her pilot programs.
One of My Short Stories to be Published in an Anthology
Literally Literary, a publication on, notified me that one of my short stories will be included in an upcoming anthology.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 25: Tacos and Tennessee
After Joanna's is accosted by a drunk man in a restaurant in Mexico, she shares with Tim the real reason that she and the boys left Tennessee.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 24: Lost Love
After a wonderful evening with his subordinate's family, Colonel Jecamiah Agastya visits the Boatman’s Grub and Pub to be handed a photo from twenty years in his past.
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