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Shea's Latest Blog Posts

Bloodlust: Regret and Redemption
This is the first short story that I've ever shared. A vampire loses his immortality and faces the reality of taking the life of his lover and drinking her blood.
Jeeping Around Cathedral Valley in Capitol Reef National Park
As the sun rose, I headed offroad toward the majestic Cathedral Valley. A long-abandoned truck and gorgeous morning sun proved an ample canvas to play with my camera. Deeper along my journey, I found myself alone with the impressive monoliths known as The Temples of the Sun and Moon.
Merry Christmas from The Oliver Boys
A short video I put together to wish you a Merry Christmas from me and my sons.
I’m Not A Racist, But…
"You can't be here. You don't belong." In a bar in Mexico, on a dark, isolated, country road, the bartender's words hit. In a situation that seemed suddenly dangerous, my mind generated dozens of potentially bad outcomes. The next words from the bartender would teach me an important lesson.
Did You Vote for The Correct Candidate?
The election is over, but are you paying attention to the most important choice in your life? It's all about casting your vote for the right person.
How Many Layers Are Your Masks?
We all wear masks and paint layer upon layer on them. Is today the day that you examine whether your masks are holding you back?
Where’s My Battle Unicorn?
How terrifying would the field of battle have been thousands of years ago if warriors had battle unicorns?
Drew Carey and The Zombie Apocalypse
What's a late 1990's sitcom got to do with the Zombie Apocalypse? Are my brains in danger?
Changing Your Life is Like Carrying a Snapping Turtle
A chance encounter with a snapping turtle stuck on a road reminds me of the process of changing your life
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