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A historical marker stands in a grassy Kansas field, detailing the history of The Lane Trail, which was used to aid Free-Staters and help transport slaves to freedom. Trees and a cloudy sky provide a serene backdrop.
Established in 1856, the Lane Trail bypassed proslavery Missouri to aid free-state settlers. Marked by "Lane's Chimneys," it extended from Iowa to Topeka as part of the Underground Railroad.
A historical marker titled
The "Battle of the Spurs" in January 1859, where John Brown led 11 slaves to freedom. U.S. Marshals tried to capture him, but Brown's defiance led to the slaves' successful escape.
A historic cannon with large wooden wheels is displayed on a wooden platform, set on a grassy field with historical buildings in the background.
An unexpected hidden gem of a national historic site! Like all sites in the national Park system this one is unbelievably well done and even has a full-time blacksmith.

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"Five stars for The Betrayal of Ka, and a warning that, as the saying goes, 'once you start this book you won’t want to put it down.'"​
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"Like a Sci-Fi Games of Thrones"
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