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The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 23: To Become a Killer
With his initial military training completed, Ka is assigned to the Elite Forces of the Donovackia Corporation. Feeling the assignment may be a rouse and that he'll be returned to prison, Ka plans to make a run.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 22: Revealed
Scharbigot Canchorus visits Tomar Donovackia to attempt to stop the corporate titan from acquiring more power only to discover Tomar's true nature.
Hiking to Pear Lake For My 50th Birthday
Rather than gifts, my sons now give me the perfect present each year by spending my birthday with me hiking. That gift of time is far more valuable than any physical items they could buy for me.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 21: Set Up to Fail
Furious with the fact that Ka did not wash out during his initial military training, General Swinton Chaldea changes the young man's path to something that crushes many people.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 20: Mission Clarity
Tomar Donovackia meets with Commander Conall Bornani, the leader of the upcoming mission to Earth, to confirm that he is truly the man for the job.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 19: A New Direction
Kadamba finds himself on Zoranth without any idea of why he has been transported from the prison. Lieutenant Mittelwert Padda, Commander of the Donovackia Second Brigade Initial Military Training Facility, Zoranth Division, explains that he's become a candidate for the Donovackia military.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 18: A Painful Way to Meet
The Cairbre family heads to Mexico on vacation, staying at an awesome condo. Despite Joanna's concerns, Dylan and Bjorn wander around town, and Dylan discovers a terribly painful way to meet someone.
Interview with B for Bookworm
Els Ebraert from B for Bookreview asked some excellent questions including "Say someone asks if they can use your name in a book. Would you rather be the 'good one' or the 'bad one'?" Here's a little background on why I answered the way that I did.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 17: The Truth Behind the Mask
During one of the many tirades of the General, Colonel Jecamiah Agastya learns of a young prisoner, Kadamba Vorhoor, who will be given a chance to join the Donovackia military. Agastya also shares what he knows of the General with Captain Tristanidad Luciano.
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