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The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 14: Cogs in the Machine
Captain Tristanidad Luciano, Captain of the Elite Forces of the Donovackia Corporation’s military meets with his mentor, Colonel Jecamiah Agastya, to share his concerns regarding the most senior of the Donovackia military, General Swinton Chaldea.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 13: Turkey on the Beach
Joanna Cairbre's new boyfriend, Tim Parnell, makes the family a surprise offer that she shares with Dylan and Bjorn who readily accept.
The Betrayal of Ka’s First Book Trailer
Check out my very first book trailer for my novel, The Betrayal of Ka! I had a blast building this is Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 12: Welcome to the Darkness
The lowest point for Ka occurs when he is subjected to the will of Jackos the Giant, leading to him to make a decision that he hopes ends his suffering.
Author Update Ep.007
Big announcement! The rough draft of book two of The Transprophetics series is done! Plus I share my first book trailer video for The Betrayal of Ka
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 11: The First Move
Tomar Donovackia lays out his plan, approved by the Ministry, to begin consolidating power. It includes the invasion of a planet called Earth.
Shea Reads: With Me Forever
With Me Forever is one of my oldest son's favorite short stories of mine. It's about a man who is accused in the disappearance of his lover, and the story of what happens when she returns.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 10: Paying Your Debts
Ka's decision to face incarceration begins with a horrifying experience that will forever mark him as someone who has done something terrible.
Author Interview with Life Between the Bookends
Believe it or not, I'd never directly answer the question, Where did you get the idea for The Betrayal of Ka? Check out my interview to see how I answered!
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