1001 Tales of Treasure

Stories of travel to beautiful and meaningful places

An ambitious plan to chronicle one thousand and one stories of travels and adventures to national and state parks, monuments, forests, grasslands, and destinations of significant meaning. 

NuCamp T@G XL Outback Walkthrough

For the last few years, I’ve been watching the popularity of teardrop trailers explode. These tiny camping wonders were popular in the 1950’s and over the last decade, they’ve made a tremendous comeback. I’ve joined the growing number of folks who are upgrading from tent to a bit more luxury. Here’s a quick video that […]

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Beginning 1001 Tales of Treasure

In the summer of 2017, I launched “My National Park Quest.” It was born during a trip to some of the astounding National and State Parks in Utah. The goal of my quest was to visit every National Park Unit, along with every National Monument, Forest, and Grassland. An Unease Settles In Over the next […]

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Descending into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Within the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, reaching the Gunnison River means either repelling down 2,000-foot cliffs or “hiking” down steep ravines. As I am not a technical climber, I opted to trek to the river via the SOB Draw. The trip down took about two hours, while the journey back up took over four hours, but every minute of the day was well worth the effort. Being in the Black Canyon is a unique and memorable experience.

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My National Park Quest Declaration!

I am declaring that I intend to To Experience & Share each of the United States National Parks, plus all of our National Forests and National Monuments. A recent trip through southern Utah has finally prompted me to begin this epic adventure. Over the next decade or so, I’ll be traveling to every state and many of the US territories to discover more about this great country and sharing it with you.

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Kicking Around Some Landscapes

Between launching a new software company, running my marketing company, working on writing my next novel, getting some hiking in, and raising my sons, I’ve been playing with little photography.

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