1001 Tales of Treasure

Stories of Travel to Beautiful and Meaningful Places

Trail Marker on Sandbeach Lake Trail

Smokey and a Real Bear!

After hiking for many years in the Colorado Rockies, I'd never seen a bear while on the trail. That finally changed while hiking on the Sandbeach Lake Trail.

Jammin as a Viewbug Curator

I was recently invited to be a curator at site that concentrates on photo contests, ViewBug. It is a little different that other sharing sites and contest sites, as you…
Indian Paintbrush and Daisies

Wildflowers of the Mt Evans Wilderness

The wildflowers have been crazy this year in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Last week, while I was hiking to the Chicago Lakes in the Mt Evans Wilderness, the array of…
Beautiful Bee on a Sunflower

Beautiful Bee on a Sunflower

While hiking in the Garden of the Gods, my hiking companion pointed out this beautiful sunflower with a bee on it. The wind had died down, and it was almost…
Abandoned Wagon of the West

Abandoned Wagon of the West

Driving through the area known as North Park, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I spotted this old, abandoned wagon just a little ways off the highway.  The decades of its…
RMNP Bull Moose – So Ugly It’s Cute

Hanging Out with a Bull Moose in RMNP

I was extremely lucky to get to spend an hour and a half with a bull moose in his own world, in the wilderness of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Sternberg Museum

In Hays, Kansas is arguably the most photographed fossil in history. Excavated in Gove County, Kansas in 1952, by  George Sternberg, this 14′ Xiphactinus ate a 6′ Gillicus shortly before dying.…
Frog of the Yampa

Between Game Wandering Along the Yampa

My younger son had a baseball tournament in Steamboat Springs, CO. That’s one awesome place to have a tournament. However, there are not enough fields in and near Steamboat, so…
Ripples of Reflection

Finch Lake Trailhead to Pear Lake

Yesterday, I got a late start for what would turn out to be a great hike. I hit the trailhead a little bit late, and considering that I have not…
Carter Mountain Cattle Company

State Trust Lands & Arapaho National Forest

This last weekend, my younger son, Brandon had a baseball tournament in Steamboat Springs, CO.  Since the boys would be traveling with their mom to the tourney, I decided to head…
This Ain’t No Bullshit

Eagles Nest Open Space

Near Livermore, CO is Larimer County’s Eagles Nest Open Space. Through the years, I have driven by the sign pointing down a dirt road and have always meant to go check…

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