I’ve made it to my fourth weekly author update. This one has a BIG announcement – my first novel is now FREE! 

Highlights from this week’s episode

The Betrayal of Ka

  • I’m giving The Betrayal of Ka away for Free!!!
  • Click HERE to get a version that matches your eBook reader. The Betrayal of Ka is available for FREE as a mobi, epub, and PDF.
  • My Goodreads Giveaway continues with 100 free eBooks. If you win, you get both The Betrayal of Ka AND a free pre-release copy of Book Two in August!

The Transprophetics: Book Two

  • 77K Words in my rough draft
  • Cover & title reveal coming later this summer

Shea Reads: Horror Stories

  • ​This Thursday at 10am Mountain time, I’ll be reading my short horror story, The Cannibal in the Morgue.
  • You can find my readings of my horror stories on these platforms:
    YouTube • Facebook • Periscope • Twitch

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