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Highlights from this week’s awesome episode

I was recently interviewed by the Belgium-based website as the owner, Stefanie, was preparing to read and review The Betrayal of Ka. She had some great questions, including what author would I love to sit down with and get advice.

My answer was Charles Dickens for a number of reasons. You can check a bit more of my explanation in the video above, or pop over to the interview by clicking HERE.

The Betrayal of Ka

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Check out this awesome review from Tim Learn

Tim Learn's Review Highlights

The Transprophetics: Book Two

  • 91K Words in my rough draft
  • Chapter 1, Cover & title reveal coming in a few weeks on my Weekly Author Update and all my social media channels. Be sure to connect with me – links at the bottom of this page.

Shea Reads: Horror Stories

  • This Thursday at 10 am Mountain time, I’ll be reading my short horror story, With Me Forever, which was originally published in The Junction of Medium.
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