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Brandon Leading the Charge

Launching An Indiegogo Campaign

I have decided to run an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign as part of My Pre-Launch Book Marketing Plan. You might think running a crowdfunding campaign is all about the money, but…

Hired An Editor for My First Novel

Hopping into the Indie publishing world is about like learning to swim. You can easily pay for some lessons, learn some theory, start in the shallow end of the pool,…
Trail Marker on Sandbeach Lake Trail

Smokey and a Real Bear!

After hiking for many years in the Colorado Rockies, I'd never seen a bear while on the trail. That finally changed while hiking on the Sandbeach Lake Trail.
Gorilla Lost in Thought

My First Novel, Round Two

I didn't get my novel published going down the traditional path of finding an agent. I've decided that it is now time to head down the Indie publishing path!

Jammin as a Viewbug Curator

I was recently invited to be a curator at site that concentrates on photo contests, ViewBug. It is a little different that other sharing sites and contest sites, as you…
Creek Flowing

The Zen of Being One

All of the advice about blogging can drive one insane. Rather than trying to write a blog for each of my interests, for which I am failing, I am simplifying…
Indian Paintbrush and Daisies

Wildflowers of the Mt Evans Wilderness

The wildflowers have been crazy this year in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Last week, while I was hiking to the Chicago Lakes in the Mt Evans Wilderness, the array of…