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My First Rejection!!!

Yes!!!  I’ve only sent out a handful of submissions to literary agents, and I already have my first rejection!!!  How cool is that!?!?!? Seriously!!! That is AWESOME!!! No, I’m not…

Next Step Toward Publication Underway

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been scouring various literary agency websites, blogs, and other online writer resources.  My goal was to identify a large list of potential…

Finally a Warm Hike

The temperature is finally moving into the range for hiking in shorts and t-shirts along the Colorado Front Range.   I have to admit that I am getting really anxious…

My Book’s “Blurb”

The copies of my rough draft are beginning to come back from friends and family who are reading/editing/proofing for me. The feedback has been positive, and I am excited to…
Deer at Hall Ranch

Good Good Friday Hiking

The foothills here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains are melting off and drying up.  On Good Friday, my friend Mike and I headed up to Lyons, CO to Hall Ranch…
My First Novel

My Rough Draft is Done!

Last week, I began printing and spiral binding copies of the rough draft of my very first science fiction novel for review.  The working title of the book is The Betrayal…
Shea at Two Rivers Lake

Snowshoeing Alone to Two Rivers Lake

A Solo Trek to the Frozen Wild The day started off beautifully sunny and almost warm, but by the end of the day, a winter storm chased me down the…
Cool Pic From Hall Ranch

Hall Ranch Hike with a New Pair of Crampons

ONE MORE EXCUSE GONE!!! In my continuing quest, to eliminate my silly excuses for not hiking in less-than -perfect conditions, I added trail crampons to my growing gear arsenal.  It…

The Betrayal of Ka
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Kadamba Vohoor's life could not be any better. The school year was nearing its end, and a beautiful girl agreed to a date. Hopefully, no one will die.