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Shea Oliver’s Author Update Ep004

Author Update Ep.004

A BIG announcement in this week's update on my writing projects - The Betrayal of Ka (The Transprophetics: Book One) is now FREE!!! Grab a copy today!!!
Shea Reads – What Color Are My Eyes

Shea Reads: What Color Are My Eyes?

Shea reads one of his 250-word short horror stories about a man who refused to look into his own eyes. Take a listen to understand why.
Blood Sacrifice – Header

Blood Sacrifice

They always diagnosed me with the same mental disorder. However, this shrink listened to my entire story, but her approach to treatment wasn't something that I ever expected.
The Soulless Sunrise – Header

The Soulless Sunrise

An unexpected conversation with the fallen archangel leads to a valuable insight about how to live one's life.
Shea Oliver’s Author Update Ep003

Author Update Ep.003

This week's update on my writing projects, including an update on my The Transprophetics: Book Two. Plus what I'll be reading on Thursday's broadcast.
Shea Reads Bloodlust

Shea Reads: Bloodlust: Regret & Redemption

Episode two of my new project to read all my horror stories. This one's about A vampire loses his immortality and faces the emotional consequences of taking the life of…
The Grave Below My Bed Header

The Grave Beneath My Bed

The stillness of the night releases her ghost from its grave to seek the one who stole her life and left her in a cold hole in the ground.
Shea Oliver’s Author Update Ep. 002

Author Update Ep.002

My second video update! Join me for more information on my various writing proiects, including more details on the upcoming Giveaway on Goodreads
Shea Reads To Cheat The Reaper

Shea Reads: To Cheat the Reaper

Join me as I read my short horror stories in my new video series, Shea Reads: Horror Stories. I'm starting with To Cheat the Reaper.
author update ep 001

Author Update Ep.001

My very first Weekly Author Update Video with details about the relaunch of The Betrayal of Ka, details about progress on the second book of The Transprophetics series, and a…
The Voice on the Beach Header

The Voice on the Beach

Was the voice that I heard something real or was it just my imagination coping with the pain of the loss of my best friend?
To Cheat the Reaper

To Cheat The Reaper

A thief comes upon the Reaper doing his appointed task and discovers that his time is also nearing an end. What would you do?