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What Color Are My Eyes

What Color Are My Eyes?

When the darkness of your soul consumes you and following your evil carvings takes hold, the smallest things become impossible to do.

A New Friend for Darius

Father rarely comes home from the city. Mother's affair keeps her away. What's a teenager to do when the only other person at home isn't exactly alive anymore?
Am I a Writer Yet

Am I a Writer Yet?

Imposter syndrome hassles and annoys not only people trying to do something in life, but also folks who the rest of the world might say have already "made it."
foggy cliffs

With Me Forever

Thomas Magee's longing for his missing lover brings her spirit back to him, but her plans include both a reunion and revenge.
Handing in Resignation Letter

Never Crush a Little Dream

A little idea for a little side hustle turned into an opportunity to hand in my resignation letter and taught a lesson in the big value of pursuing little dreams.
Toe Tag

The Cannibal in the Morgue

The medical examiner's unusual taste for the corpses creates a serious issue when one dead victim brings more than just exotic flavors.
Stellars Jay

A Simple Connection with Nature

While camping in on the North Rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, an interaction with a Stellars Jay gave me a moment to reflect on our place in…

Bloodlust: Regret and Redemption

This is the first short story that I've ever shared. A vampire loses his immortality and faces the reality of taking the life of his lover and drinking her blood.