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I’m Not A Racist, But…

I’m Not A Racist, But…

"You can't be here. You don't belong." In a bar in Mexico, on a dark, isolated, country road, the bartender's words hit. In a situation that seemed suddenly dangerous, my…

Did You Vote for The Correct Candidate?

The election is over, but are you paying attention to the most important choice in your life? It's all about casting your vote for the right person.

How Many Layers Are Your Masks?

We all wear masks and paint layer upon layer on them. Is today the day that you examine whether your masks are holding you back?

Where’s My Battle Unicorn?

How terrifying would the field of battle have been thousands of years ago if warriors had battle unicorns?

My Adventure to Discover El Dorado

Hypotheses and assumptions give way to discovering more of the truth about the people that I'm on a mission to understand and share.
1001 Tales of Treasure FB1200x630

Beginning 1001 Tales of Treasure

In the summer of 2017, I launched “My National Park Quest.” It was born during a trip to some of the astounding National and State Parks in Utah. The goal…

Relaunching Your Life for Authentic Happiness

What makes someone step away from the narrative of how our lives should be lived? You know, the story that begins with good grades to get into a good college…
Looking Back Down The Canyon

Descending into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Within the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, reaching the Gunnison River means either repelling down 2,000-foot cliffs or "hiking" down steep ravines. As I am not a technical…