Awesome Website Building Tools

I built my first website in the late 1990’s, using nothing but a text editor and HTML. I don’t claim to be a web designer, but the tools that are available today are amazing.  I still love building and working on my websites, but occasionally, I have also outsourced websites. While that is a great way to get many things done, there are some tangible benefits to doing it yourself. When you want something changed, you just do it and don’t have to pay for it. Of course, there are times when it is wise to call in the professionals, but with a little diligence, you can build a fantastic, small website with only a few hours of work.

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Hosting Recommendations

Through the years, I have tried a number of hosting providers. I’ve even played with hosting my own servers – I don’t recommend that! These two companies are my personal recommendations, and both are rock-solid companies with great people.


Shared Hosting with amazing Wordpress Expertise

Shared hosting companies almost seem a dime a dozen, and it is hard to tell them apart. SiteGround absolutely sets itself apart from the others with its focus on helping its customers be successful. They offer an awesome entry level hosting plan that includes Managed Wordpress Hosting, a free domain, and email. Once your traffic begins to grow, they make it very easy to step up to a larger that serves your growing needs.

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Liquid Web Logo

The Very BEST Managed, VPS, & Dedicated Server Hosting

I’ve been with LiquidWeb since 2009. They trademarked the term Heroic Support®, and in my experience, they absolutely deserve that moniker. Their 24/7/365, on-site staff is amazingly responsive and will go that extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. They’ve recently come into the Managed WordPress space, and I have pulled my sites from the other big players because I know, LiquidWeb is going to take great care of me and anyone that I refer to them.

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Wordpress Recommendations

With over 15 million sites, WordPress commands 4.5% of the Internet. The amount of support for both the core WordPress application, themes, and popular plugins makes it easy for me to recommend WordPress as your website platform.

JumpStart Logo

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

I’ve tried a number of themes and theme frameworks. The ease and flexibility of working with this one completely blew me away. Its native responsive design capability is awesome by itself, but the ability to turn elements on and off, depending on screen size absolutely expanded what you could do with this theme. If you have ever struggled with other themes, give Jump Start a try.

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Grammerly Logo

Spelling and Grammer Matter! Get Help on WordPress and Elsewhere

Yes! I know! Grammarly is not a WordPress theme or plugin. However, with its browser extensions, it works in WordPress. Grammarly helps you identify errors in spelling and grammar, and it suggests corrections and alternatives. I still strongly recommend that you get someone else to proofread everything before you post. Still, Grammarly will help you as you create content for your website.

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Yoast Logo

One Succulently Sweet SEO Booster and So Much More!

There are literally millions of dead websites on the Internet. Without a stream of traffic, it doesn’t matter what was on the site. Blogging has become one of the best methods to bring traffic to your site, and Yoast helps you make sure that your content has the best odds of being indexed properly by search engines. Additionally, Yoast takes care of lots of things that your site needs, that you didn’t even know about.

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CaptainForm Logo

The Only Plugin You Might Need for Forms, Popups, and Info Capture

I wanted a form builder that give me better options and advanced capabilities. I wanted inline forms and popups. CaptainForm made me realize that I was asking for too little. With tons of integrations, CaptainForm supports regular forms, event registration, online ordering, polls, surveys, quizzes, and more! All of this for timed or clicked popups, inline, and widgets. This one is better than you expect.

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Internet Analytics Recommendations

Monitoring and measuring what is happening on your website, in your apps, and in other digital media is critical to growing your business.

Clicky Logo

Easy to Understand and Use Analytics for any Website

Clicky is analytics designed for those of us who are not super geeky. It installs easily and comes right “out of the package” with useful, easy-to-understand reports. Once you begin moving up the learning curve, Clicky offers huge amounts of analytical insights and capabilities. The heat maps are extremely useful. You can actually see where on your site people are clicking and highlighting.

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Google Analytics

The Mammoth Beast for Digital Analytic Analysis and Remarketing

Google is the 800-pound gorilla and their analytics offering reflects that. It is a beast. However, its is also the standard analytical tool that can help you understand what is happening on your website, and within other digital media. It integrates with many email service providers to give a more comprehensive view of your customer. The integration to Google Adwords for remarketing is also very handy.

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Outsourcing Recommendations

Regardless of your skill set, at some point, you will need help. These are my trusted sources that I turn to when I need either an expertise that I don’t have or simply need a little help.


Leverage the Power of Multiple Designers to Create Graphics

The idea of having your own designer on staff to help express your ideas in a creative, visual experience is exciting. Imagine if you had a dozen designers or even more working for you. 99designs accomplishes this through an innovative contest platform. You submit a design brief, (for a logo, book cover, or anything), pick a package, and then multiple designs submit designs for you.

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Help With Practically Everything and Anything You Can Imagine

If you need help with SEO, multimedia, technology, financials, advertising, marketing, website, or anything to do with your business, you can find help on Fiverr. The variety of services and products on the site is staggering and goes way beyond your business too. If you need just a little help or complete project management, you can find it on Fiverr. If you’ve never outsourced, this is a great place to start.

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Upwork Logo

Find a Freelancer for Almost any Project That You Imagine

Upwork was formed by the merger of eLance and oDesk. If you need help with a project or even a part-time employee, chances are that you can find a freelancer on Upwork that will work. On Upwork, you post a project, and freelancers bid on the project. The process from there is fairly simple. You select a freelancer, set milestones, and pay for the work, all within the Upwork system.

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Nisos Technology

The Most Amazing Outsourced Software Development Team Ever

While you can hire a coder on many sites, hiring a team is another thing. And, if you want a team that diligently works to bring significant creativity and insight to your ideas, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone better than Nisos. With development resources on two continents, competencies in multiple disciplines and methodologies, you will not find a more motivated or qualified team anywhere!

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