Give My Writing a Boost

Ways To Support My Work Beyond Buying My Books

Receive Pre-Release Novels By Joining Me on Patreon

Patreon is a platform specifically designed to connect creators, like me, with people who want to support their creative works, like you. It’s a great way to get to know me better and help encourage me to write more!

One of the great things about Patreon, is that it enables creators to provide tiered “benefits” to those who choose to contribute. As a writer, I was immediately struck by how this could help get my books into the hands of my best supporters before the general public.

Provide A Generous Gift

I’m occasionally asked how someone can help support my writing and my dream of becoming a full-time digital nomad. Below are a number of items that directly support my writing efforts and others that will help me as I make the transition to living full-time life in my teardrop trailer. For any gift above $10, I’ll be honored to list you as a Supporter on my website and mention you on social media. Of course, I won’t use your name without your permission. A HUGE THANK YOU in advance for your love!


Contribute to My Coffee Fund

Coffee is the magically mental lubricant that makes my writing flow! By gifting me some bucks to spend on coffee, you’ll be enabling me to write more books and stories. Plus you’ll be helping me offset the costs of heading into coffee shops for reliable Internet.

$5, $10, $20, or any amount that you wish


Reduce My Grammar Woes

I spent my first semester of college almost living in my English professor’s office. I sucked at grammar, and thought I couldn’t write. Happily, I discovered that I was a creative writer, but I’ll never be a grammar pro. I now rely on’s A.I. to help with that.

$29.95  for a month
$59.95 for a quarter
$139.95 for a WHOLE YEAR!

Airbnb Logo

Provide Some Out-Of-The-Wild Time

On occasion, I’ll need to leave the happy confines of my teardrop trailer and experience some “normal civilization.” Whether I need a constant Internet connection or just a break from the wild, your gift will be greatly appreciated, especially as I take a hot shower.

$25, $50, $100, or any amount that you wish

Hot Logic

Feed My Love of Slow Cooking

While I can always crank up the generator or light the stove, the idea of a slow cooker that won’t burn my dinner while I am losing track of time while writing sounds heavenly. Your gift of a Hot Logic Mini – 12V Version will heat my leftovers and make me happy!


Free Me From The Faucet

Potable water is one of the challenges whenever you spend much time off the grid. I love camping next to gurgling mountain streams but can’t drink from them. By gifting me an MSR AutoFlow XL Gravity Filter, I’ll spend less time trekking to refill my water tanks and more time writing.


ARB Canopy and Room

Create A Bug-Free, Shady Place To Work

Attaching an ARB Awning & Awning Room to my teardrop trailer will be like adding a living room, changing room, and office. Whether its hot, raining, or just buggy outside, I’ll be writing in style with your generous gift. Check them out at



Help Me Stay Clean on the Road

After a morning hike, there are few things better than a warm shower before spending the afternoon writing. By gifting me Road Shower 4L from, I’ll not only feel better while I am writing, but probably will smell a whole lot better too!

Your gift will give my teardrop trailer a 10-Gallon Road shower, Flex Neck Shower Head, On/Off Elbow, and and Tire Inflator (to pressurize tank).


Battle Born Battery

Ditch Those Heavy, Nasty, Lead-Acid Batteries!

Make my Jeep happier by knocking 70 LBS off the teardrop’s tongue weight with a Battle Born 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery. Rather than two heavy, lead-acid batteries that can only be recharged a few hundred times, one Lithium-Ion battery lasts over 3,000 charges, can be fully drained, and is much more environmentally friendly.


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