The Betrayal of Ka’s First Book Trailer

I’m proud to present the very first book trailer that I have ever produced.

This video was made using Adobe’s incredible video editing software, Premiere Pro CC along with some transition and video effects from NewBlueFX. The video clips and audio that I used in the trailer come from a company called StoryBlocks.

With the growth of video on the Internet and video marketing, I wanted to build something that would serve to both help me learn more about assembling a book trailer and to begin my journey into producing more video content for my author marketing efforts.

For this book trailer, I decided that I would use the “blurb” from the novel. I chopped it into bite-sized text chunks, usually sentences, and then looked for video content that would mostly match the text.

For one of those chunks, “A boy kidnapped in Mexico,” I couldn’t find a video that matched the concept. So, I headed over to my favrotie stock media site, Dreamstime, and picked the image below to build that scene.

Boy with Tied Hands

I flipped the image in PhotoShop, and in the video, I zoomed and panned upward.

Overall, I am happy with how the video turned out, and more importantly, I believe that I will be more confident in creating video content for my various writing projects.

The one thing that I struggled with the most was the timing. It feels a little slow to me. However, considering the music that I selected, a slower pace seemed more appropriate.

I plan to take this book trailer blurb and convert it to a 1×1 ratio for posting on Facebook. Additionally, I will likely make a faster version of the novel’s blurb.

• • •