The Peaceful Chaos of Being Human

Changing Your Thinking to Shift and Control Your Reality

The Unlimited Power Inside YOU!

Housed in your cranium is a massive bundle of fat, water, protein, carbohydrates, salts, blood vessels, and nerves.

And it is the most powerful force in your life – your mind!

Yet, so few of us bother to consider how it impacts every single moment of our lives, including:

  • Processing every sensory element we experience
  • Creating an unparalleled self-awareness
  • Generating and perpetuating our individual reality

It is the critical key to success and the only thing that you have complete and total control over, but only if you choose.

I write about life and the power of the mind. 

Thoughts on Thinking, Living, And Changing Your Life

Handing in Resignation Letter
Never Crush a Little Dream
A little idea for a little side hustle turned into an opportunity to hand in my resignation letter and taught a lesson in the big value of pursuing little dreams.
A rhinoceros stands on dry ground with a snow-capped mountain in the background under a blue sky.
Where's My Battle Unicorn?
How terrifying would the field of battle have been thousands of years ago if warriors had battle unicorns or armored rhinos?
A young girl wearing glasses sits at a desk with a laptop, books, and an apple in front of a chalkboard, appearing focused and thoughtful as she ponders imposter syndrome.
Am I a Writer Yet?
Imposter syndrome hassles and annoys not only people trying to do something in life, but also folks who the rest of the world might say have already "made it."
Screaming Person
How I Learned Our “Greatest Fears” Are Nothing But Illusions
There are moments in life when we have a radical shift in our thinking. One of those moments for me provided the foundation for tackling any of our fears
Person in a top hat with Day of the Dead style face paint, featuring intricate designs and bright colors, looking to the side.
How Many Layers Are Your Masks?
We all wear masks and paint layer upon layer on them. Is today the day that you examine whether your masks are holding you back?
A group of people including Drew Carey in colorful costumes energetically dancing and raising their hands in an indoor setting with office decor in the background.
Drew Carey and The Zombie Apocalypse
What's a late 1990's sitcom got to do with the Zombie Apocalypse? Are my brains in danger?
A person in hiking boots standing in a road next to a snapping turtle.
Changing Your Life is Like Carrying a Snapping Turtle
A chance encounter with a snapping turtle stuck on a road reminds me of the process of changing your life