Shea Oliver's Travel Journal

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A diary and chronicle of becoming and living as a digital nomad in a teardrop trailer.

I've finally gotten out and on the road! I'll be in the South Denver area for a few days before wandering into the big scary world!
Having Internet in remote locations will be awesome! With no commercially available mounts for on top of a roof rack, I needed to build my own.
Carrying gas for the generator and the occasional emergency with the Jeep was a bit of a challenge. It won't be with my new Jerry Can and mount.
Coffee. This cabinet is really about coffee. Creating a place to safely use a hot plate whenever the weather conditions make it impossible to make that critical morning cup of joe.
As the days dwindle down toward my departure date, my emotions seem to bounce around, but I am finding myself more and more at ease with the decision and looking forward to this adventure.
Today, I took the first Jeep load of stuff that I am keeping to my sister's house. It's wild to consider that it is likely to be years before I open any of those boxes again.
Trimmed and Replaced
Completed the first trailer project - removing one side of the bed and creating a storage area where your butt comes into the trailer. Next step will be a cabinet at the opposite end.
Decisions are made and I won't be turning back. I'm leaving my home and most of my possessions. It's a strange feeling of letting go, but it feels meant to be.
Jeep and Cellular Booster at Yampa River State Park
This is a Journal Entry that I need to design a kick-ass page template for my Journal Entries. I want maps to show when need, but also just want to have some simple pages to record thoughts, etc.
Nomad. That's what I will become. The idea has gone from an idea to a decision to a plan.
Can't Find It - The Dreaded 404
I awoke with a throbbing screaming in my head. The same question looping over and over, pressing me to find the answer and knowing that it would change my life.

When It Was New

Here’s a video over view of my teardrop trailer shortly after I purchased it.