Juice Your Multimedia Communication 

If you are going to be building a huge business or just blogging about your passion, you need visuals. You need them for your website, social media, and other communications. Don’t skimp, get creative and look like a pro!

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Software Recommendations

Whether you are taking your own photos and videos or using others, you need to be able to manipulate it for maximum communication value.


Creative Cloud is The Ultimate Multimedia Software Package

Once reserved for only professionals, with a price that only big companies could afford, the Adobe Creative Cloud includes the best media editing tools available. The learning curve is steep with Adobe products, but once you begin to master the tools, what you can create becomes limited only by your imagination. I’ve worked with many of the tools that are available, and while most are really good, Adobe continues to be the most powerful.

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Macphun Software

Take Your Photography to Levels You’ve Only Dreamed About

I’m going to admit something that makes many photo aficionados cringe – I love HDR tools! I love the ability to tweak out photos to new levels of creativity. When I discovered Macphun’s  Aurora HDR Pro, I was in heaven. Many people who like HDR go crazy and make their photos purposefully unrealistic, which can be fun and artistic. Mostly, I love the simple tweaks to bring more life to color. And the Creative Kits rocks too!

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Buy The Best Multimedia

There are so many places that you can get media today. However, there are a couple of real standouts. Both these sites excel at what they do, and are fair and upfront with their media creators.


The Best Site For a Monster-Sized Subscription for Photos

I discovered Dreamstime in 2004 when I was working on my first website. Back then, the selection of photos was great, and now the offer about 50 million! Since then I have used them dozens of times on countless projects and website. They offer generous subscription packages that give you more photos than you will probably download for a reasonable price. They also offer lots of videos, and they have tons of contributors, including me!

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The Very BEST Managed, VPS, & Dedicated Server Hosting

Fast becoming the ultimate hub for creative media, Pond5 offers more than just photos and videos. The site boasts an amazing collection of original music and sound effects, along with stunning 3D models and mind-boggling Adobe After Effects templates. While Pond5 does not offer a subscription model, each contributor (includes me) is able to set their own prices and receives at least a 50 percent royalty, which is better than most similar sites.

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