I did it! I launched an Indiegogo campaign as part of my book’s pre-launch marketing plan. I spent about a week and a half working on, and was pleasantly surprised with how easy and fun it was! You can check it out at <campaign finished – link expired>

IndiegogoThe tools provided by Indiegogo made it very easy to logically think through your campaign, develop the content, and take the campaign live. I’ll blog more about some of the specific steps in the process later. If you are thinking about doing an Indiegogo campaign, I would recommend signing up for an account and starting your first campaign. You can work on the campaign for as long as you like without it being live. You can even send a link to other to preview the campaign before it goes live.

Indiegogo Cover ImageIt’s been a little while since I’ve had a chance to play around in Adobe Premier Pro. I’m no professional video editing expert, but I was able to craft a fun video to be featured with the campaign. Of course, if you watch it, you’ll see that it gave me another excuse to go hiking. As if I really needed one!!! Of course, hauling a heavier tripod and a bit more equipment to Sandbeach Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park made for a good workout.

Please come visit my Indiegogo campaign at <campaign finished – link expired>. Of course, I appreciate any contributions, and would be very grateful if you would share my campaign with others.


bookshelfbattle · July 15, 2015 at 4:55 pm

Good luck

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