Manage Your Business As A Business

If you are going to have a business, then treat it like a business. This fundamental tenet will not only significantly boost your probability of success, it will also keep you on the up and up if the government ever wants a closer look at what you are doing. Remember, a business is separate entity that you control, not something that controls you.


Beautiful Online Accounting & Bookkeeping For Businesses

“Bookkeeping is a chore and accounting is a pain.” Yup, I said it, because that’s how I see it. However, if you have or want a business, then you have to get some basics. A great financial management package is one of the best things you can do for your long-term business health. I’ve used many software and online financial packages, Xero is the best. It just works and if anyone helps with your financials, it’s awesome!

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Delightful Payroll and Benefits Management For Your Business

At some point, most companies end up needing to pay employees, and payroll is a royal pain. Gusto takes that pain away. Not only do they handle the tedious chore of running payroll, collecting taxes, tracking benefits, etc., they also pay your Federal and State taxes and keep you compliant! Forget looking things up in tax tables and wondering when the next letter might come from the IRS. Let Gusto handle it!

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The Sweetest Cloud-Based Business Phone System Around

NEVER give your cell phone to anyone that doesn’t need it. Unless your business absolutely requires that you be on a tether, get a business number that has the capability to control access to you. gives you the capability to create menus, outbound messages, voicemail transcriptions, and much more. What to look bigger than you are, then add a toll-free number or a vanity number. I love these guys!

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A Self-Service, Ticketing, Help Desk, Sales Enablement & More!

Helping your customers help themselves is what FreshDesk excels at doing. When I needed to create a help desk, I actually hired someone to review all the available options. Once we finished analyzing features, functionality, and pricing, FreshDesk was the clear winner. They also offer a great free entry-level package that can help you get started on helping your customers to help themselves.

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