UPDATE: I’ve transitioned this quest into my 1001 Tales of Treasure.

“Just slightly crazy!” That might be what some people may call what I am announcing. But hey, that’s never stopped me before. So here it is: I am officially announcing that My National Park Quest is underway!

In specific terms, here is what I plan to accomplish:

To Experience & Share each of the United States National Parks


all of our National Forests and National Monuments

Right off the bat, you might be asking why not just the National Parks? Honestly, with 419 official park “units” (as of August 2017) that’s a good decade worth of travel in itself. However, I’ve found that I absolutely love getting into our National Forests and Monuments too. Ultimately, here’s why: I have no idea how on earth that I can accomplish an audacious enterprise such as this one.

Figuring it all out is just part of the enormous adventure. Sometimes that’s the point of a quest. It’s about putting yourself to a seemingly impossible or insane task and then empowering yourself to accomplish it.

How Did This Happen?

The genesis of this crazy adventure started many years ago, as I begin to enjoy more and more time in Rocky Mountain National Park. Then a few weeks ago, as I trekked through southern Utah, I committed to something that I knew would be life altering. I visited Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef National Parks, along with the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Dixie National Forest, plus Kodachrome and Goblin Valley State Parks.

That trip was an absolute blast! I loved every minute of it, and I’ll be blogging about it soon. However, I knew that It was only the beginning of what I intend to greatly expand upon.

Shea at Hickman Natural Bridge in Capitol Reef National Park

Selfie at Hickman Natural Bridge in Capitol Reef National Park

As I laid in my tent at night, I realized that the idea that had been fermenting and expanding in the back of my mind was ready to come forward. For some time, I’ve been pondering what I might want to do with my life when my boys are on their own. It’s always been an “out-there-in-the-future” contemplation. How silly is that? We’ve no idea of what tomorrow may bring, or guarantee that it will even get here. So, it was both a declaration and realization that my quest was underway.

As I drove back to Colorado, I felt a paradoxical sense of peace. I know that this undertaking is gigantic, and I truly have no idea how I’ll accomplish what I have set out to do. If you look at all the destinations that I will visit, some of them will present some frighteningly formidable challenges. However, looking into this great unknown, there is no nervousness or fear. I’m confident that I have or will develop all the skills that I need.

To Be Defined: “Experience & Share”

As I began contemplating how to express the “objective” of “My National Park Quest,” I knew that I wanted to do something beyond from what many other people who pursue similar “quests” undertake. I also know that our National Park Units, Forests, and Monuments are extremely varied. Moreover, I also wanted to document and share this journey with others.

I want to do something more than simply get my National Park Passport stamped at each visitor center, then look around and leave. I don’t want to set any speed records. Depending on the destination, I may do some or any of the following:

Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Climbing, RVing, Sightseeing, Touring, Photographing, Videoing, Canoeing, Rafting, Swimming, Sailing, Driving, Jeeping, Diving, Cruising, Flying, Meditating, and who knows what else!

You know that I’ll do a significant amount of hiking, as it is my thing. But I am giving myself permission to broadly expand and explore. I honestly don’t know what will happen, and that makes me all the more excited.

As I press through with my slightly lunatic plan, I’m sure that I will be blogging and be sharing photos and videos. Of course, some of that will come here on my website, and some will come on social media.

A Radical Change in Life?

Yes, I’m closing my businesses, selling everything, and hitting the road… Just kidding! But honestly, that might happen one day!

Eventually, after my boys are on their own, I’ll likely go completely mobile. For now, I’ll be focusing on the destinations in Colorado and the surrounding states. Hopefully, Michael and Brandon will occasionally accompany my adventures.

As I dive into this quest, I do have a few additional goals that I intend to complete as I travel.

  • Complete the framework (blog posts) for The Priority Paradigm™
    Through the years, I’ve had many people tell me that I should share my “philosophy” or the mindset by which I live.
  • Broadly share The Priority Paradigm™
    Write a book, build some online course, or create some means to generate some income from expertise.
  • Write my next sci-fi novel
    The Betrayal of Ka needs its sequel!

Of course, I will continue with my current ventures too. I’m fortunate that my companies enable me to have a decent about of flexibility.

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So if you know any mortgage originators or any businesses wanting to do more with their marketing, please send them my way!

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My National Park Quest: The First Big Steps

The contemplation is over. Now is the time to begin enjoying the decision.

It is time to dig in and begin researching this adventure. I’ve already made the big list of all the destinations, by state or territory. You can check it out <removed>.

Over the next few months, or years, I’ll add details for each state. The research process itself will be fun, and just learning what each of these destinations will be interesting. Check out Colorado: <removed>

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