New Email Marketing Platform Launched!

While many people know me as an author and photographer, my “real” job is a little different. I am the founder and CEO of a software company and a marketing company. We’ve just released an amazing email marketing platform, and our marketing company, My Pro Email, LLC, has gone LIVE at

My Pro Email, LLC provides an email marketing platform with newsletters for real estate and mortgage. We’ll be offering both monthly and weekly newsletters. Since 2003, I have been the primary author of The Weekly Mortgage Newsletter. It’s been used by thousands of mortgage professionals around the US. I’ll still be writing this newsletter, but with the new platform, we can offer so much more.

Here’s a little teaser video about’s capabilities.

We built some amazing features into this software, including:

  • Separate Headers, Footers, and Bodies
    Email marketing has always relied on the concept of building a template. However, every other system has always considered templates as a one-size-fits-all proposition. Pulling each of these pieces apart enables greater variety and better management of email marketing assets. Having these elements separate also enables one of my favorite capabilities – sharing.
  • Content Sharing
    In most industries, but especially personal selling industries, like mortgage and real estate, a good header for your emails is critical. It often includes your photo, contact details, company logo, etc. etc. For many companies, maintaining that consistency in brand is paramount. Our platform enables a company to create an “approved” header or footer, and then to share that with its users, who can add their own photo and contact details.
  • Multi-User Management 
    For companies that have multiple real estate agents or loan officers, we have built this solution to support their organization. Our sharing capability is automatically enabled within companies, but we offer so much more. We have the capability to add administrators to manage the email marketing efforts of multiple agents. You can even add a finance user to manage the billing details without letting them mess around with the email marketing details.

Please drop by to learn more and sign up for a free email marketing trial.


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