Wandering About in a Teardrop Trailer

Exploring The Americas

The Road is Calling

I’m hitting the road to explore the Americas, traveling in a Jeep Wrangler with a teardrop trailer. 

I’ve always loved traveling, camping, hiking, taking pictures, creating videos, meeting people, and writing. My adventure will be the ultimate expression of those interests. A few of the things that I have planned:

  • Write more books and short stories while “off the grid”
  • Hike, meditate, and enjoy a significant amount of time in nature
  • Continue to run my businesses remotely from the road
  • Share my adventures in written and visual form on social media and on my website as part of my 1001 Tales of Treasure
Glass Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

1001 Tales of Treasure

My multi-decade, wildly-ambitious plan to chronicle one-thousand and one stories of travels and adventures to national and state parks, monuments, forests, grasslands, and destinations of significant meaning.

The places I travel are treasures for those who visit. They provide moments of personal contemplation, a connection with nature, and a timeless kinship to the people who made the location valuable.

I share these stories in written and visual form on my website and on various social media platforms. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and enjoy a meaningful tale.

The Teardrop Life

Isn’t she cute? She’s a 2018 NüCamp T@G Teardrop Trailer, Outback Edition. She’s designed to handle moderate offroad treks and has already been to a few awesome locations in Colorado. I knew that I’d enjoy my first trailer, but didn’t realize that I’d be designing the next chapter of my life to include it. I’m so excited to see where we go together.

I am making a number of additions and modifications. I’ll be sharing the stories of the upgrades and changes to her, my purchases designed for teardrop exploring, and my trips in preparation of launching here on my website and on social media.

My T@G Teardrop Trailer

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