The Priority

The simple notion that happiness and success are created by focusing on that which is most important

Your path may not be clear today.

Tomorrow is up to you.

Create the Life That You Want

Create The Life That You Want

Our lives are out of alignment.

The past haunts us. The future has our focus. We worry what others think of us. Those things that truly matter most are ignored, while we chase irrelevant rainbows and live a reactive existence.

The Priority Paradigm™ can change that

Happiness & Success are closer than you think


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These are a few of my favorite posts about The Priority Paradigm™. Relax and take a few moments to read and contemplate. Ask yourself whether you are living a life based on your true Priorities.

Do You Really Understand Exactly What A Priority Is?

As I leaned back against the boulder, I heard that nasty, raspy voice rushing at me from my past, “you better get your priorities straight!” I laughed out loud, with the clean mountain air filling my lungs, and began to wonder how often we all hear similar statements. The clouds continued to drift overhead, and I the […]

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Foundation One: My Whole Mind Generates My Reality

For centuries upon centuries, extending to this very day, philosophers, scholars, and spiritual leaders share a similar message – Your Mind is the Most Powerful Force in Your Life. Yet, day after day, we forget this simple truth. We spend our entire lives marching to the drumbeat of opposing beliefs and thoughts that tell us […]

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