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The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 26: An Illusion of Compliance
Chairman Tomar Donovackia meets with General Chaldea, and to the General's dismay, Ionia Villegas joins them to discuss her pilot programs.
One of My Short Stories to be Published in an Anthology
Literally Literary, a publication on, notified me that one of my short stories will be included in an upcoming anthology.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 25: Tacos and Tennessee
After Joanna's is accosted by a drunk man in a restaurant in Mexico, she shares with Tim the real reason that she and the boys left Tennessee.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 24: Lost Love
After a wonderful evening with his subordinate's family, Colonel Jecamiah Agastya visits the Boatman’s Grub and Pub to be handed a photo from twenty years in his past.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 23: To Become a Killer
With his initial military training completed, Ka is assigned to the Elite Forces of the Donovackia Corporation. Feeling the assignment may be a rouse and that he'll be returned to prison, Ka plans to make a run.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 22: Revealed
Scharbigot Canchorus visits Tomar Donovackia to attempt to stop the corporate titan from acquiring more power only to discover Tomar's true nature.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 21: Set Up to Fail
Furious with the fact that Ka did not wash out during his initial military training, General Swinton Chaldea changes the young man's path to something that crushes many people.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 20: Mission Clarity
Tomar Donovackia meets with Commander Conall Bornani, the leader of the upcoming mission to Earth, to confirm that he is truly the man for the job.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 19: A New Direction
Kadamba finds himself on Zoranth without any idea of why he has been transported from the prison. Lieutenant Mittelwert Padda, Commander of the Donovackia Second Brigade Initial Military Training Facility, Zoranth Division, explains that he's become a candidate for the Donovackia military.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 18: A Painful Way to Meet
The Cairbre family heads to Mexico on vacation, staying at an awesome condo. Despite Joanna's concerns, Dylan and Bjorn wander around town, and Dylan discovers a terribly painful way to meet someone.
Interview with B for Bookworm
Els Ebraert from B for Bookreview asked some excellent questions including "Say someone asks if they can use your name in a book. Would you rather be the 'good one' or the 'bad one'?" Here's a little background on why I answered the way that I did.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 17: The Truth Behind the Mask
During one of the many tirades of the General, Colonel Jecamiah Agastya learns of a young prisoner, Kadamba Vorhoor, who will be given a chance to join the Donovackia military. Agastya also shares what he knows of the General with Captain Tristanidad Luciano.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 16: Compassion in the Darkness
Ka discovers that even in the darkest of times, compassionate people still exist. He awakeness in the prison's medical clinic to find that of all people, one of the prison guards wants to help him. Unfortunately, in an unjust place, things don't always go the right way.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 15: A Dynasty of Power
Celestina Wiroviana executes her plan for making a radical change in the composition of the Ministry and Scharbigot Canchorus, the Zoranth-based Minster, discovers the precise details of what the change means.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 14: Cogs in the Machine
Captain Tristanidad Luciano, Captain of the Elite Forces of the Donovackia Corporation’s military meets with his mentor, Colonel Jecamiah Agastya, to share his concerns regarding the most senior of the Donovackia military, General Swinton Chaldea.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 13: Turkey on the Beach
Joanna Cairbre's new boyfriend, Tim Parnell, makes the family a surprise offer that she shares with Dylan and Bjorn who readily accept.
The Betrayal of Ka’s First Book Trailer
Check out my very first book trailer for my novel, The Betrayal of Ka! I had a blast building this is Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 12: Welcome to the Darkness
The lowest point for Ka occurs when he is subjected to the will of Jackos the Giant, leading to him to make a decision that he hopes ends his suffering.
Author Update Ep.007
Big announcement! The rough draft of book two of The Transprophetics series is done! Plus I share my first book trailer video for The Betrayal of Ka
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 11: The First Move
Tomar Donovackia lays out his plan, approved by the Ministry, to begin consolidating power. It includes the invasion of a planet called Earth.
Shea Reads: With Me Forever
With Me Forever is one of my oldest son's favorite short stories of mine. It's about a man who is accused in the disappearance of his lover, and the story of what happens when she returns.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 10: Paying Your Debts
Ka's decision to face incarceration begins with a horrifying experience that will forever mark him as someone who has done something terrible.
Author Interview with Life Between the Bookends
Believe it or not, I'd never directly answer the question, Where did you get the idea for The Betrayal of Ka? Check out my interview to see how I answered!
Author Update Ep.006
In this week's episode, I talk a little bit about my recent interview with The Magic of Wor(l)ds and my desire to chat with Charles Dickens about writing and the business of writing.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 9: It’s About Who You Know
Celestina reveals the source of her secret financing to grow The Ministry, and ensures that she'll have the votes that she needs.
Shea Reads: The Voice on the Beach
Imagine taking a walk late in the evening and hearing the voice of your dead best friend calling you from the beach. Would you not run to the water's edge?
Interview with The Magic of Wor(l)ds
Honored to be interviewed by Stefanie from Flanders, Belgium for her blog, The Magic of Wor(l)ds. Check the interview to learn more about me as an author, including why I'd love to have a cup of coffee with Charles Dickens.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 8: A Neighbor in Need
The Cairbre brothers friend and neighbor, Atticus Freeman, stops by and helps Bjorn with his homework as he has done on many occasions since meeting the family.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 7: Ascension of the Protégé
Celestina Wiroviana heads to Fraterian City, in her home country of Beliasium to visit her uncle, Hareold Wiroviana and put the pieces in place for her plan to change the Ministry forever.
Author Update Ep.005
In today's update, I give a brief introduction to one of the main characters in book two of The Transprophetics series - a boy abandoned by his family.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 6: Effective and Efficient
Incarcerated in the Purostinov Justice Processing Center, Ka must make a choice between three fates and his decision will define the course of the rest of his life.
Shea Reads: The Cannibal in the Morgue
Shea reads one of his original short horror stories about a medical examiner with a taste for human flesh and the surprise that he gets when he eats a human heart.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 5: Lead, Follow, or Die
Tomar Donovackia reminds his board of directors how stagnant the 11 Corporations have become and challenges his biggest rival on the board.
Author Update Ep.004
A BIG announcement in this week's update on my writing projects - The Betrayal of Ka (The Transprophetics: Book One) is now FREE!!! Grab a copy today!!!
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 4: Vegetables
When their mom has to work late, which happens often Dylan Cairbre visits The Wonderful Dragon to pick up diner for himself and his little brother, Bjorn.
Shea Reads: What Color Are My Eyes?
Shea reads one of his 250-word short horror stories about a man who refused to look into his own eyes. Take a listen to understand why.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 3: A Life Goes Dark
Ka's decision to sell rath to the young boy results in a tragedy that forever sets Ka on a path in life that he never could have expected.
Blood Sacrifice
They always diagnosed me with the same mental disorder. However, this shrink listened to my entire story, but her approach to treatment wasn't something that I ever expected.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 2: A Hidden Transprophetic
Meet Tomor Donovackvia, a rising corporate titan who just took control of the Donovackia Corporation, and a man who has a secret.
The Soulless Sunrise
An unexpected conversation with the fallen archangel leads to a valuable insight about how to live one's life.
Author Update Ep.003
This week's update on my writing projects, including an update on my The Transprophetics: Book Two. Plus what I'll be reading on Thursday's broadcast.
The Betrayal of Ka, Chapter 1: One Moment
Kadamba Vohoor's life could not be any better. The school year was nearing its end, and a beautiful girl agreed to a date. Hopefully, no one will die.
Shea Reads: Bloodlust: Regret & Redemption
Episode two of my new project to read all my horror stories. This one's about A vampire loses his immortality and faces the emotional consequences of taking the life of his lover and drinking her blood.
The Grave Beneath My Bed
The stillness of the night releases her ghost from its grave to seek the one who stole her life and left her in a cold hole in the ground.
Author Update Ep.002
My second video update! Join me for more information on my various writing proiects, including more details on the upcoming Giveaway on Goodreads
Shea Reads: To Cheat the Reaper
Join me as I read my short horror stories in my new video series, Shea Reads: Horror Stories. I'm starting with To Cheat the Reaper.
Author Update Ep.001
My very first Weekly Author Update Video with details about the relaunch of The Betrayal of Ka, details about progress on the second book of The Transprophetics series, and a highlighting of To Cheat The Reaper.
The Voice on the Beach
Was the voice that I heard something real or was it just my imagination coping with the pain of the loss of my best friend?
To Cheat The Reaper
A thief comes upon the Reaper doing his appointed task and discovers that his time is also nearing an end. What would you do?
What Color Are My Eyes?
When the darkness of your soul consumes you and following your evil carvings takes hold, the smallest things become impossible to do.
A New Friend for Darius
Father rarely comes home from the city. Mother's affair keeps her away. What's a teenager to do when the only other person at home isn't exactly alive anymore?
With Me Forever
Thomas Magee's longing for his missing lover brings her spirit back to him, but her plans include both a reunion and revenge.
The Cannibal in the Morgue
The medical examiner's unusual taste for the corpses creates a serious issue when one dead victim brings more than just exotic flavors.
Embracing My Darkest Demon and Writing My First Short Horror Story
A strange quirk in my subconscious kept me from ever writing horror. Then one morning, I stood face to face with my darkest demon and immediately put pen to paper.
Bloodlust: Regret and Redemption
This is the first short story that I've ever shared. A vampire loses his immortality and faces the reality of taking the life of his lover and drinking her blood.
The Betrayal of Ka By Shea Oliver
The Betrayal of Ka, reviewed by Don Sloan... Kadamba is a typical teen. He’s about to graduate high school and[...]
Betrayal of Ka (Tim Learn’s Review)
WHOA!!! It's a crazy feeling when someone writes something like Tim Learn did about my book. I'm very thankful and[...]
The Betrayal of Ka – Book Review
Check out this review of The Betrayal of Ka by Ms Nose In A Book. My thanks to her for[...]
Download A FREE copy of The Betrayal of Ka
The Betrayal of Ka is FREE for a limited time on Amazon. Please come grab your copy today!
Goodreads Giveaway Starts Today!
Enter to win a signed copy of The Betrayal of Ka on!
Hard Copies, Free Promo Weekend & Goodreads Giveaway
I finally have proof of my book!!! This weekend starts my first promotional push for The Betrayal of Ka, and a more formal launch of me as an author.
The Betray of Ka Listed On Goodreads
The Betrayal of Ka is now listed on Goodreads. Please come by and add it to one of your bookshelves.
My First Novel Available NOW!
My first novel is published!!! I am very excited to announce the launch of The Betrayal of Ka (The Transprophetics, Book One).
My Cover is Almost Finalized
The cover of my first novel, The Betrayal of Ka, is almost finished. Just a few tweaks and it will be done!
Editing Round One Complete
My editor has finished her first read through of my novel. Her report back to me starts with, "I finished your book today, and I’ve been delightfully surprised, moved, and entertained."
Launched My First Crowdfunding Campaign!!!
My first Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is live! Please support me in getting my first novel, The Betrayal of Ka, published.
Launching An Indiegogo Campaign
I have decided to run an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign as part of My Pre-Launch Book Marketing Plan. You might think running a crowdfunding campaign is all about the money, but there's much more to it than that.
Building A Pre-Launch Book Marketing Plan
Now that my editor has my book and is working on her first run-through, I'm left with a little time[...]
Hired An Editor for My First Novel
Hopping into the Indie publishing world is about like learning to swim. You can easily pay for some lessons, learn some theory, start in the shallow end of the pool, have someone hold you while you practice strokes, and slowly make your way to becoming a swimmer. That's a great way to learn, and it has many advantages. Of course, there's that other way too - DIVE IN! I dove in and have hired an editor.
My Initial Self-Publishing Plan
After researching the various options for self-publishing my first book, I've laid out my initial plan.
My First Novel, Round Two
I didn't get my novel published going down the traditional path of finding an agent. I've decided that it is now time to head down the Indie publishing path!
The Elevator Pitch
"So, what is your book about?" That sounds like such an easy question. I mean after all, I wrote the[...]
My First Rejection!!!
Yes!!!  I've only sent out a handful of submissions to literary agents, and I already have my first rejection!!!  How[...]
Next Step Toward Publication Underway
Over the last couple of weeks, I have been scouring various literary agency websites, blogs, and other online writer resources.[...]
My Book’s “Blurb”
The copies of my rough draft are beginning to come back from friends and family who are reading/editing/proofing for me.[...]
My Rough Draft is Done!
Last week, I began printing and spiral binding copies of the rough draft of my very first science fiction novel for[...]
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