Spirit of the Wayah

The Transprophetics: Book Two

Spirit of the Wayah Cover

As Earth falls to the Donovackia Corporation and the galaxy succumbs to unbridled greed and corruption, can hope survive?

A barbaric, ancient test of manhood leaves a young boy hanging in a tree for dead. Abandoned by his family and unable to remember his past, a prophecy painted in a cave holds the key to his identity. His struggle to discover who he is leads deep within himself and may hold the key to saving us all. 

The attack on Earth leaves Dylan and Bjorn fleeing from the invaders as Atticus searches for Maliya, the first Transprophetic identified on Earth. 

Tomar Donovackia and Celestina Wiroviana’s plans to dominate the galaxy move closer to fruition. The search for the lost portal to the Fourth System finds an unlikely ally, the growing Aechmea Resistance is nearly extinguished, and Tomar discovers the secret to ending all rebellion.

In this compelling sequel to The Betrayal of Ka, no one is safe from the brutality and subjugation of the combined strength of the Donovackia Corporation and the Ministry.

Advance Praise for Spirit of the Wayah

“A web of interconnected characters weaved together in a story that I couldn’t put down.”

“An emotional thrill-ride through an expanding galaxy of adventure.”

“Shea masterfully explores the darker side of human nature and takes us on a path toward frighteningly unknown outcomes.”

“After reading The Betrayal of Ka, I didn’t expect to find myself pulled deeper into a story that left me feeling this way. But, here I am, desperately wanting this story to continue.”

“Don’t expect to put this book down. Each chapter takes you further into a dark world while giving you these little glimmers of hope – that often get crushed within pages.”

“These characters and story are a frightening reflection of our own world.”

“There is cadence and deviance to the way Shea Oliver spins these tales, pulling you into his world, abusing your emotions, and then making you beg for more.”

Spirit of the Wayah Cover
Shea Oliver at Cataract Lake

When I was in college, I read about various native tribes’ manhood ceremonies and tests. The brutality of many of them continues to horrify me. However, it planted the seed for one of the new characters in the Spirit of the Wayah. Like Kadamba, in The Betrayal of Ka, I wanted someone who struggled with who he is, who doesn’t believe in his own self-worth, and needs to face insurmountable odds to discover his inner strength. 

This story combines the human dilemma of constantly attempting to define ourselves in a world where others seek to label us with the reality that discovering who were are is a never-ending challenge. Plus, I’m continuing to craft a tale down a dark path, where the forces of greed and the desire for power continue to shape my character’s experiences. 

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