My Amazing Supporters!

The People Who Help Me Take My Work To The Next Level

I am thankful for all the people who read my work and am incredibly fortunate to have the additional support of some truly amazing family and friends. The people listed below are instrumental in my journey to becoming a full-time author and digital nomad. If you’re interested in becoming a supporter, please visit Buy Me A Coffee to learn more.

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Michael Oliver

Randall Evans

“I’m so pleased and proud of you for continuing to write. Too often in this world, those with creative talents choose to ignore their gifts. The world will be a better place for your decision to keep telling your stories.”

Russ Oliver

Jamie Kennikot

“I love reading Shea’s books and stories. It’s rare to be able to watch someone follow their dreams, and I am happy that Shea gives us an opportunity to be part of his. I’m excited that he’s ditching “civilization” and heading into the wild to write more.”

Scott Hoot

“Seriously, keep writing, it doesn’t matter what anyone in the world thinks. Your stories will connect with someone.”

Jill Foster

Hey, that’s MY brother and I couldn’t be more proud! It not just the writing, though. He is raising two amazing young men and supports his family in so many ways. He finds the time to sit with me for hours/days on end EVERYTIME I’m in the hospital. He shares positivity and gives us all his love. I’m the luckiest little sister in the world!”

Renee Walton

Shane Martin

Mark Purvis

Jan Shilling

“Being a creative person is a gift that you should share with the world. Your writing is amazing, emotional, and thoughtful. Don’t ever stop.”

A.J. Shilling

Brandon Oliver

Carmen Bell

Rolf Evenson

Gary Cook

Mike Summers

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