Finally a Warm Hike


The temperature is finally moving into the range for hiking in shorts and t-shirts along the Colorado Front Range.   I have to admit that I am getting really anxious to get up in the high country and start hitting some of the high peaks.  I mentioned that I was going hiking to a friend […]

Good Good Friday Hiking

Deer at Hall Ranch

The foothills here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains are melting off and drying up.  On Good Friday, my friend Mike and I headed up to Lyons, CO to Hall Ranch to do a little hiking and take some pictures.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday than hiking in the Rockies! […]

Hall Ranch Hike with a New Pair of Crampons

Cool Pic From Hall Ranch

ONE MORE EXCUSE GONE!!! In my continuing quest, to eliminate my silly excuses for not hiking in less-than -perfect conditions, I added trail crampons to my growing gear arsenal.  It was just too easy to say, “Oh, the trails might be too icy, or snowy, or  muddy.” With these bad boys and my new snowshoes, […]