Descending into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Looking Back Down The Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Within the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, reaching the Gunnison River means either repelling down 2,000-foot cliffs or “hiking” down steep ravines. As I am not a technical climber, I opted to trek to the river via the SOB Draw. The trip down took about two hours, while the journey back up took over four hours, but every minute of the day was well worth the effort. Being in the Black Canyon is a unique and memorable experience.

Kicking Around Some Landscapes

Dreamy View of Hallett Peak

Between launching a new software company, running my marketing company, working on writing my next novel, getting some hiking in, and raising my sons, I’ve been playing with little photography.

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Storm Coming Up the Valley

A couple of years ago, my friend, Mike Summers (@msphotomid), and I headed up to the Chicago Lakes for an awesome day of hiking and photography. A few days ago, I was contacted by the website, It’s a great site featuring all kinds of one-day hikes that you can do from Denver, Colorado. The […]

Jammin as a Viewbug Curator


I was recently invited to be a curator at site that concentrates on photo contests, ViewBug. It is a little different that other sharing sites and contest sites, as you can “like” a photo, but you can also award photos with various awards such as “Top Choice,” “Superb Composition,” and “Absolute Masterpiece.”

Wildflowers of the Mt Evans Wilderness

Indian Paintbrush and Daisies

The wildflowers have been crazy this year in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Last week, while I was hiking to the Chicago Lakes in the Mt Evans Wilderness, the array of colors and variety were truly stunning. In some ways, it was almost difficult to make progress as I was hiking. I would go a couple […]

Lakes, Cascades, and Rain – Water of Mt Evans Wilderness

Chicago Creek Cascading through the Forest

A day of hiking to Chicago Lakes in the Mt Evans Wilderness, was one of various types of water features. We experienced wonderful mountain stream cascades, sat by beautiful mountain lakes, and hiked through some pleasant mountain showers.

Beautiful Bee on a Sunflower

Beautiful Bee on a Sunflower

While hiking in the Garden of the Gods, my hiking companion pointed out this beautiful sunflower with a bee on it. The wind had died down, and it was almost like the bee was posing for the picture. I absolutely love how transparent the bee’s wings are.

Abandoned Wagon of the West

Abandoned Wagon of the West

Driving through the area known as North Park, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I spotted this old, abandoned wagon just a little ways off the highway.  The decades of its usefulness were long gone, but it was obvious that it had been well used through those years.   There was just something about it that […]

Between Game Wandering Along the Yampa

Frog of the Yampa

My younger son had a baseball tournament in Steamboat Springs, CO. That’s one awesome place to have a tournament. However, there are not enough fields in and near Steamboat, so some of the games were about an hour away in Craig, CO, which is on the Yampa River. In between two of the games, I grabbed […]