Editing Round One Complete

Canoeing at Lagerman Reservoir

My editor has finished her first read through of my novel. Her report back to me starts with, “I finished your book today, and I’ve been delightfully surprised, moved, and entertained.”

The Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch

“So, what is your book about?” That sounds like such an easy question. I mean after all, I wrote the book; I do know what it is about.  So, sit down and give me fifteen minutes, and I’ll tell you all about it… Nope! That’s not what people what to hear. Boil the whole book […]

My Book’s “Blurb”

Book Blurb

The copies of my rough draft are beginning to come back from friends and family who are reading/editing/proofing for me. The feedback has been positive, and I am excited to keep moving forward with my first book. The next big step in the process of getting my book published is securing an agent. It sounds like […]