My First Novel Available NOW!

The Betrayal of Ka

My first novel is published!!! I am very excited to announce the launch of The Betrayal of Ka (The Transprophetics, Book One).

Editing Round One Complete

Canoeing at Lagerman Reservoir

My editor has finished her first read through of my novel. Her report back to me starts with, “I finished your book today, and I’ve been delightfully surprised, moved, and entertained.”

Launching An Indiegogo Campaign

Brandon Leading the Charge

I have decided to run an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign as part of My Pre-Launch Book Marketing Plan. You might think running a crowdfunding campaign is all about the money, but there’s much more to it than that.

Building A Pre-Launch Book Marketing Plan

Building A Plan

Now that my editor has my book and is working on her first run-through, I’m left with a little time to contemplate my publishing plans. Like most people who head down the path of becoming an Indie Publisher, where to start can be a really big question! I’ve been browsing blogs, websites, and forums about […]