Kicking Around Some Landscapes

Dreamy View of Hallett Peak

Between launching a new software company, running my marketing company, working on writing my next novel, getting some hiking in, and raising my sons, I’ve been playing with little photography.

Finally Paddling a Little

Sunset on Mac Lake

Mike and I took my canoe out this weekend. We had a blast and managed to snap a couple of decent pictures.

Between Game Wandering Along the Yampa

Frog of the Yampa

My younger son had a baseball tournament in Steamboat Springs, CO. That’s one awesome place to have a tournament. However, there are not enough fields in and near Steamboat, so some of the games were about an hour away in Craig, CO, which is on the Yampa River. In between two of the games, I grabbed […]

Sandbeach Lake In May

Sandbeach Lake in May

A blog post about my hike to Sandbeach Lake in May. The Lake was still frozen, and the weather was crazy, but I got some great pictures and had a wonderful hike.

First 2014 Wild Basin Hike

Stellars Jay

I headed up this weekend with a friend for a quick hike along the Nighthawk Trail at Hall Ranch.  Within a mile, the red, slippery mud was getting annoying.  On a whim, I announced that we should turn around and head to Wild Basin in Rocky Mountain National Park. Since we didn’t have much cold weather gear […]

Good Good Friday Hiking

Deer at Hall Ranch

The foothills here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains are melting off and drying up.  On Good Friday, my friend Mike and I headed up to Lyons, CO to Hall Ranch to do a little hiking and take some pictures.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday than hiking in the Rockies! […]

Hall Ranch Hike with a New Pair of Crampons

Cool Pic From Hall Ranch

ONE MORE EXCUSE GONE!!! In my continuing quest, to eliminate my silly excuses for not hiking in less-than -perfect conditions, I added trail crampons to my growing gear arsenal.  It was just too easy to say, “Oh, the trails might be too icy, or snowy, or  muddy.” With these bad boys and my new snowshoes, […]

Solo Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Bridge Over The Pool

I’ve spent too much time complaining about the cold and using it as an excuse not to get into the mountains.   I absolutely love being in the mountains. The cold didn’t bother me that much years ago, but for some reason in the last couple of years I have just been negative about the […]