The 7 Mindset Secrets

Finding Your Path to Authentic Happiness

Do you dream of something more?

Your life is designed for more than working, paying bills, and occasional happiness. What's your dream?

  • Starting your own business
  • Massively changing your career path
  • Leaving the country to live abroad
  • Launching a non-profit organization
  • Quitting your job to travel the world
The 7 Mindset Secrets

I specialize in coaching people wanting to make radical changes in their lives 

Deep inside we all want to live authentically, to follow our dreams, and pursue our passions. Unfortunately, modern life often has a different plan for us. One that subjugates what is truly important to us and us pushes down a path of conformity. When you're ready, let's talk about massively transforming your life to what you want it to be.

Learn more about my foundational coaching approach, The 7 Mindset Secrets, by scheduling a Discovery Call with me to day. It's time to listen to that voice in your soul and make the radical changes that you've dreamed about.

Shea's Inspirational & Thought-Provoking Blog Posts

How I Learned Our “Greatest Fears” Are Nothing But Illusions
There are moments in life when we have a radical shift in our thinking. One of those moments for me provided the foundation for tackling any of our fears
Never Crush a Little Dream
A little idea for a little side hustle turned into an opportunity to hand in my resignation letter and taught a lesson in the big value of pursuing little dreams.
I’m Not A Racist, But…
"You can't be here. You don't belong." In a bar in Mexico, on a dark, isolated, country road, the bartender's words hit. In a situation that seemed suddenly dangerous, my mind generated dozens of potentially bad outcomes. The next words from the bartender would teach me an important lesson.
Did You Vote for The Correct Candidate?
The election is over, but are you paying attention to the most important choice in your life? It's all about casting your vote for the right person.
How Many Layers Are Your Masks?
We all wear masks and paint layer upon layer on them. Is today the day that you examine whether your masks are holding you back?
Where’s My Battle Unicorn?
How terrifying would the field of battle have been thousands of years ago if warriors had battle unicorns?
Drew Carey and The Zombie Apocalypse
What's a late 1990's sitcom got to do with the Zombie Apocalypse? Are my brains in danger?
Changing Your Life is Like Carrying a Snapping Turtle
A chance encounter with a snapping turtle stuck on a road reminds me of the process of changing your life
My Adventure to Discover El Dorado
Hypotheses and assumptions give way to discovering more of the truth about the people that I'm on a mission to understand and share.
Relaunching Your Life for Authentic Happiness
What makes someone step away from the narrative of how our lives should be lived? You know, the story that begins with good grades to get into a good college to land that first job, and then move up the ladder, etc., etc. My new project, The Priority Paradigm, is exploring what motivates people to make radical changes in their lives and veer from the "normal" model of life.
The Zen of Being One
All of the advice about blogging can drive one insane. Rather than trying to write a blog for each of my interests, for which I am failing, I am simplifying and writing one blog.
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