The Elevator Pitch

“So, what is your book about?”

That sounds like such an easy question. I mean after all, I wrote the book; I do know what it is about.  So, sit down and give me fifteen Runminutes, and I’ll tell you all about it…

Nope! That’s not what people what to hear. Boil the whole book down to a few sentences. That’s the elevator pitch. It’s that quick, valuable summary of something that could be spouted out in a short elevator ride.

In keeping with the short nature of the elevator pitch to keep this blog post short, here’s the pitch for The Transprophetics: Book One – The Betrayal of Ka.

Kadamba Vorhoor watches as a boy dies, knowing that he alone is responsible for the child’s death.  Branded a killer, Kadamba is sent from the planet Koranth to Earth to hunt and destroy Transprophetics – those with paranormal or telekinetic abilities.  Haunted by dreams of the boy that he killed, Kadamba must decide who he really is, and who he will become.