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The Guru of Radical Change

With his latest project, Shea is exploring the minds, motivations, and emotions of people who pursue unconventional paths to achieve authentic happiness. The stories and conversations with these "real-life heroes" are shared on ThePriorityParadigm.com

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There's nothing "normal" about Shea's approach to life or his passion for pursuing what's more important. Don't expect a stuffy academic approach or someone who will show up in a three-piece suit. Shea lives according to his own rules and helps others achieve authentic happiness and fulfillment by discovering their own potential, breaking free of the norms of society, and following one's own highly individual path.

Public Speaking

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Inspire Your Audience to Change

On indoor stages and outdoor venues, Shea inspires and motivates people to explore what's truly most important and to make the radical changes to achieve authentic happiness. Shea delivers his own stories, insights, and lessons of change along with those of the amazing people of The Priority Paradigm.

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Private Coaching

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Discover The Ingredients of Change

If you're looking to make a change in your life and pursue something more important, who better to ask than the man who spends his life exploring, studying, interviewing, writing, and speaking about radical change.

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