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My project to share the stories of AMAZING PEOPLE who've made RADICAL CHANGES in their lives for something MORE IMPORTANT

Stories of Amazing People & Authentic Happiness

It started with a question, "what makes people abandon the narrative of how life is supposed to be lived and pursue a unique path to fulfillment and happiness?"

We live in a world where misery seems to be the norm. Yet, there is a growing movement of people who've thrown away the status quo to pursue life on their terms. 

I'm sharing their stories on

Amazing People with Incredible Stories!

I'm incredibly lucky to be hosting a program focused on meeting some of the most amazing people in the world and sharing their stories of making radical changes in their lives for something more important.

They've listened to that voice deep inside their souls to discover and pursue fulfillment, happiness, and meaning. They are real-life heroes.

Here are just a few of my favorite interviews.

For a complete list of all the​ incredible interviews, please visit

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