Travel Categories: Camping

Mojave national preserve 3
A decision late in the evening before puts me on the road to California.
Havasu BLM Dispersed 1
An uneasy feeling at my planned camping location resulted in a long, painful day of trying to find someplace to camp that had decent Internet.
A jeep and teardrop trailer parked in the desert near Signal Mountain.
Hanging out east of Phoenix on some BLM land waiting for a storm to pass and hoping for good weather.
A Jeep and a teardrop trailer parked near the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.
A decent and popular location for RVers. I could have picked a better spot, but sometime you gotta find out the hard way!
A jeep parked next to an RV at Cimmeron RV Park.
Needed a few work days and a round of laundry. I was the only little trailer in the whole place. Most of the people were construction workers.
A jeep with a camper trailer attached to it at Holly City Park & Ball Field.
A quick overnight in a municipal campground.
A jeep parked next to a camper in Comanche National Grasslands.
The first major off-grid test of my nomad life, plus some glorious camping and hiking!
Chatfield Campsite Loop B Site 80
A few quick nights at Chatfield State Park to write my Weekly Mortgage Newsletter and to add a bike rack to the trailer.
I've finally gotten out and on the road! I'll be in the South Denver area for a few days before wandering into the big scary world!
Jeep and Cellular Booster at Yampa River State Park
This is a Journal Entry that I need to design a kick-ass page template for my Journal Entries. I want maps to show when need, but also just want to have some simple pages to record thoughts, etc.