Comanche National Grasslands (Withers Canyon Trailhead Campground)

Visited on: Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Departed: September 26, 2023
A man taking a selfie at the Comanche National Grasslands sign.

I’m finally off to a real test of what it will be like when I go off-grid. I’ve got 23 gallons of water, 5 gallons of gas, food, and hopefully everything else I need to make a go of working, playing, and enjoying life while I am escaping from the comforts of the more modern world.

It is weird though. I am going off-grid, but I won’t be disconnected. I’ll be connecting to the internet, chatting on the phone, and having video calls. What a crazy way to live.

Tarantulas are Here!

I was hoping that I would get to see a few of the popular eight-legged critters that are a major draw to Comanche National Grasslands.

No more than a quarter mile from the entrance, I noticed the movement on the road. I slammed on my brakes, grabbed my phone, and jumped out.

A black and brown spider on the ground at Comanche National Grasslands.

While many people are freaked out by these scary spiders, they really aren’t that dangerous to humans. They prefer to be left alone, going about their spider business.

I watched him crawl across the road, happy that he shared a bit of his day with me. As I drove the many miles to the campsite, I saw a few more tarantulas. So, I made sure to be mindful of movement on the road so that I wouldn’t squish any.

A spider walking on the ground at Comanche National Grasslands.

Sunrise and Eventual Connectivity

I woke the next morning to a beautiful sunrise which led me to believe that I would have a beautiful day.

The sun is rising over the grassy field at Comanche National Grasslands.

It was an illusion. The day did not go to plan.

I totally failed at the initial setup of my Starlink equipment. I input the wrong number and activated the wrong equipment! 

Fortunately, I was able to set up my WeBoost Cellular Range Extender and get a reasonable connection on my phone. After a few messages and hours of waiting in between messages, my Starlink was online.

I spent the next couple of days catching up on work and wishing that my generator wasn’t as loud as it is. The Stalink sucks a bit of energy, as expected, but the noise is worth it… Especially since I was also running the AC in my teardrop during the hot afternoons.

I also got a little visitor to my campsite one evening. He froze when I stood up and grabbed my phone.

I grabbed a quick video to show how fast they are to get away when startled. Watch the video to see me blow on him.

Beans and Bordeaux

I kept one bottle of wine from my previous life, and after a few days, it seemed like the right time to enjoy it.

I happily discovered that my Norcold is exactly the right height for a standard bottle.

A refrigerator in the Comanche National Grasslands campground with a bottle of wine and a bottle of milk.

As I had already eaten all the cans of chicken that my Mom sent with me, I whipped up some beans and mixed them with one of my pre-made grain, dried veggies, and spice packets.

Honestly, this meal rocked. I kicked back enjoying the wine and watched a bit of Netflix while I dined.

A person holding a bowl of food and a glass of wine at Comanche National Grasslands.

The next night, the bottle was empty. That was one enjoyable Bordeaux.

A bottle of wine sitting on a table at the Comanche National Grasslands (Withers Canyon Trailhead Campground).

A Truly Stunning Sunrise

On Saturday morning, as I lay in bed waking up, the sun began to rise. Suddenly, my teardrop was filled with color. I hopped out to watch one absolutely spectacular sunrise.

A colorful sunset over a field with a lot of trees at Comanche National Grasslands.

As the colors faded, I rolled into another weekend of working and getting excited for my first hike after becoming a nomad.


After the hike and a serious amount of resting and hydration, it was time to start breaking down camp to head back to “civilization.”

A Comanche National Grasslands jeep parked on a dirt road at sunset.

I awoke on Tuesday to my Starlink not working. As cranky as I was about it, I am thankful it happened on the last day. Was heading toward La Junta and would make a library my first stop.

With the campsite broken down, the Jeep and trailer packed and hitched up. The first off-grid as a nomad adventure ended. This is going to be an interesting life!

A jeep is parked on Withers Canyon Trailhead in Comanche National Grasslands.
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