First Trailer Project Completed

In preparation for taking off on a life on the road, I decided to make some changes to my teardrop trailer. 

Previously, the interior of the trailer was all one big bed, split in two sections, with storage underneath. I’m removing one of the beds to make the interior of the trailer more livable for life on the road.

I first removed the plywood where one of the mattresses lay and then removed the 1x4s that held the sheet.

Part of the reason for doing this is that having the entire inside of the trailer as a bed makes it so that you have to remove your shoes before getting inside. And if it’s raining outside, you absolutely have to remove the shoes. Now I could get into the trailer without removing the shoes.

The only problem is that sitting into the trailer would require dragging your butt over the door threshold and potentially scraping up your legs.

So, I reconfigured the supports to return part of the sheet of plywood, which will also provide a bit of storage. 

I trimmed the plywood sheet to fit. Now when you get into the trailer, you don’t scrap your butt and legs. I’ll need to have a piece of foam, similar to the bed material, cut to sit over the new storage. I added the hinges at the top so that the piece of plywood would not slid off and so that it could be accessed from outside or while sitting on the bed.

Here’s the storage.

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