Mounting a Jerry Can on a T@G Trailer

August 16, 2023

Having extra gas for my portable generator is critical, but the small space of the Jeep and Trailer have made it a bit of a challenge.

In the past, I have used racketing straps to hold two and five-gallon gas cans to the platforms on the front of the trailer. However, getting them to stay securely tends to be a pain, and they shift around quite a bit.

So, I ordered a metal Jerry Can and a Jerry Can Mount Holder that would fit on the platform. To affix the holder to the bars on the platform, I order a pair of Stainless Steel Square U-Bolt Clamp M8x40x65mm.

I drilled four holes in the holder for the square u-bolts.

To keep the can from banging on the platform, I stuck some 1/4-inch foam with adhesive to the bottom of the Jerry Can Mount.

I did add a couple of lock washers to the U-bolts and tightened the nuts down.

It almost looks like the platform was designed to carrying the Jerry Can.

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