Get Your Brain Engaged In The Game

I believe in the fundamental power of creativity and insightful capability that you already have. Tapping into it and leveraging your native intelligence sometimes takes a little kick. Here’s some ideas that may help.

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Output & Organization Recommendations

Sometimes it is a matter of just dumping things out of your cranium so that you can see them, organize them, and ponder on them. As simple as it may sound, you can’t keep it all in your head.

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Mind Mapping Can Explode Your Ideas & Help Structure Your Thoughts

I’m a total mind mapping geek. If you have never done any mind mapping, it can seem a little odd at first, but once you get used to the process, it can really help you export your unstructured thoughts and build conceptual relationships. I’ve looked and many programs after I wore out a few whiteboards, and Simple Mind stands out as the most functional program with apps for every platform.

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The Most Flexible To Do Manager with Lists and Projects Management

There is something about checking off items as you head toward a goal. Appigo has built an amazing software to help you record those to-dos, organize them, share them, and get them done. The integration with your mobile phone and its voice capabilities allows you to easily tell your phone to remember a to-do for you. Then when you’re back at your computer or on your tablet, your to-do simply appears!

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Ditch Those Ugly Yellow Pads and Upgrade to This Century’s Tools

Imagine all those notepads and notebooks on every digital device, with the capability to do free text searches. OneNote is like the TrapperKeeper from the 1980’s pumped up with some serious steroids. You can create notebooks with sections, then add pages, files, links, pictures, and on and on. Toss in the ability to share and collaborate within your notebooks, and yeah, Microsoft got this one right!

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The Most Expandable, Flexible, and Everywhere Note Machine Around

I get it. You hate Microsoft and don’t want to use the free OneNote software. Plus you want an app with more powerful to-dos and reminders. Evernote has become the leader in the “note” space for a good reason. Their app is available on every device and really can make your life more organized. Just be aware, that to use Evernote on more than two devices or to get more features, you’re gunna have to pay.

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Expanding & Learning Recommendations

Whether you are launching a business or following a passion, you will often need to connect with others or learn more.

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If You Have An Interest, There’s Very Likely a Meetup That Matches It

It doesn’t really matter what you are interested in – business, hiking, gaming, meditating, writing, animals, etc., etc., etc. Meetup can help you connect with other people with similar interests. At its core, Meetup is simply a powerful tool for helping people connected in other places. Generally, a “meetup” will happen in the physical word, but not always. Go signup and find others who groove to your jam.

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Better Than Going Back to School, And Completely Drama Free!

There are a number of places that you can go to learn skills online, but I like Lynda the best. In addition to having a great buffet model – one price for everything, the staff at Lynda do a great job with both selecting great instructors and course. Most of the courses are broken up into smaller chunks, with the materials you need to learn the subjects. They also offer great ongoing tip for all kinds of subjects.

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