The wildflowers have been crazy this year in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Last week, while I was hiking to the Chicago Lakes in the Mt Evans Wilderness, the array of colors and variety were truly stunning.

Chicago Lakes Trail No. 52

Chicago Lakes Trail No. 52 Surrounded by Wildflowers

In some ways, it was almost difficult to make progress as I was hiking. I would go a couple hundred feet and have to stop and take more pictures. One that I especially liked was this Indian Paintbrush. Most of the Indian Paintbrush that we see in the mountains tends to be more of a red or orange color. This one was up near the Chicago Lakes, in a very lush area, and was a spectacular magenta color.

Magenta Indian Paintbrush

Stunningly Beautiful Magenta Indian Paintbrush

Here is a more typical Indian Paintbrush.

Elmer's Indian Paintbrush

Elmer’s Indian Paintbrush

And here’s another, pushing the daisies back, as if it was trying to get the attention of all the hikers who passed it by.

Indian Paintbrush and Daisies

Indian Paintbrush and Daisies

I was pretty happy with this close up shot of a Colorado Tansy Aster, when someone else decided they wanted to be in the shot.

Colorado Tansy Aster Flower with a Bee

Colorado Tansy Aster Flower with a Bee

A large bee started working this group of Colorado Tansy Asters, and paused long enough for me to get a great shot.

Colorado Tansy Aster Flower with a Bee

Colorado Tansy Aster Flower with a Bee

Of course, this is Colorado, and I had to take a few of our state flower, the columbine.

A Simple Columbine

A Simple Columbine Surrounded by Yellow Wildflowers

I really liked this particular columbine, as it was growing right beside the trail. The foliage around it was pretty lush, and it had grown taller than most.

Columbine by the Trail

A Perfect Columbine by the Trail

The variety of colors painted across every field and open space was simply crazy, and I had a blast photographing the wildflowers. One of the photos that I really like was this one of an alpine avens. The light orange, near the base of the petals, is subtle, and ever so delicate. It was so easy to miss that orange when you were looking at a field of hundreds of them.

Alpine Avens

An Alpine Avens, Yellow with Delicate Orange Swept at the Base of the Petals

All-in-all, it was a perfect day for hiking and enjoying the colors of nature.

So Many Wildflowers

A Field Full of Wildflowers Near the Lower Chicago Lake.


hikingtohealthy · August 4, 2014 at 11:43 am

I was in Butler Gulch last weekend and I could not get over all the flowers, it has been an amazing flower season. Great Pictures!

    Shea Oliver · August 4, 2014 at 11:50 am

    Thanks!!! I am loving the wildflowers this year!!!

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