Author Update Ep.007

Big news this week – my rough draft for book two of The Transprophetics is finished!!!

Highlights from this week’s long episode

The Transprophetics: Book Two

  • 94,320 Words in the completed rough draft
  • Setting the W.I.P. (Work in Progress) aside for a while and then coming back to edit and revise in a few weeks.

Shea Reads: Horror Stories

  • I’m working on finishing two new horror stories. One is another 250-word story titled, In the Attic, and the other is my longest short horror story, The Lord of Keiran Manor.
  • This Thursday at 10am Mountain time, I’ll be reading my short horror story, The Grave Beneath My Bed, which was originally published in The Junction of Medium.

The Betrayal of Ka

  • I’ve got a Book Trailer. It’s premiered in last couple of minutes of this video.
  • Get your FREE copy of The Betrayal of Ka as a epub, mobi, or PSD by clicking RIGHT HERE

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