Author Update Ep.007

Big news this week - my rough draft for book two of The Transprophetics is finished!!!

Highlights from this week's long episode

The Transprophetics: Book Two

  • 94,320 Words in the completed rough draft
  • Setting the W.I.P. (Work in Progress) aside for a while and then coming back to edit and revise in a few weeks.

Shea Reads: Horror Stories

  • I'm working on finishing two new horror stories. One is another 250-word story titled, In the Attic, and the other is my longest short horror story, The Lord of Keiran Manor.
  • This Thursday at 10am Mountain time, I'll be reading my short horror story, The Grave Beneath My Bed, which was originally published in The Junction of Medium.
  • You can find my readings of my horror stories on these platforms:
    YouTube • Facebook • Periscope • Twitch

The Betrayal of Ka

  • I've got a Book Trailer. It's premiered in last couple of minutes of this video. 
  • Get your FREE copy of The Betrayal of Ka as a epub, mobi, or PSD by clicking RIGHT HERE

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