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I’m Not A Racist, But…
"You can't be here. You don't belong." In a bar in Mexico, on a dark, isolated, country road, the bartender's words hit. In a situation that seemed suddenly dangerous, my mind generated dozens of potentially bad outcomes. The next words from the bartender would teach me an important lesson.
Did You Vote for The Correct Candidate?
The election is over, but are you paying attention to the most important choice in your life? It's all about casting your vote for the right person.
How Many Layers Are Your Masks?
We all wear masks and paint layer upon layer on them. Is today the day that you examine whether your masks are holding you back?
Where’s My Battle Unicorn?
How terrifying would the field of battle have been thousands of years ago if warriors had battle unicorns?
Drew Carey and The Zombie Apocalypse
What's a late 1990's sitcom got to do with the Zombie Apocalypse? Are my brains in danger?
Changing Your Life is Like Carrying a Snapping Turtle
A chance encounter with a snapping turtle stuck on a road reminds me of the process of changing your life
My Adventure to Discover El Dorado
Hypotheses and assumptions give way to discovering more of the truth about the people that I'm on a mission to understand and share.
NuCamp T@G XL Outback Walkthrough
Check out this walk-through of my new T@G XL. This will be my home away from home when I disappear into the wild!
Beginning 1001 Tales of Treasure
In the summer of 2017, I launched "My National Park Quest." It was born during a trip to some of[...]
Relaunching Your Life for Authentic Happiness
What makes someone step away from the narrative of how our lives should be lived? You know, the story that begins with good grades to get into a good college to land that first job, and then move up the ladder, etc., etc. My new project, The Priority Paradigm, is exploring what motivates people to make radical changes in their lives and veer from the "normal" model of life.
Descending into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Within the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, reaching the Gunnison River means either repelling down 2,000-foot cliffs or "hiking" down steep ravines. As I am not a technical climber, I opted to trek to the river via the SOB Draw. The trip down took about two hours, while the journey back up took over four hours, but every minute of the day was well worth the effort. Being in the Black Canyon is a unique and memorable experience.
Hiking to The Double Arch Alcove in Zion National Park
My late summer hike to the Double Arch Alcove at the end of Taylor Creek Trail in Zion National Park is wonderful, despite some of the idiots that often appear in national parks.
My National Park Quest Declaration!
I am declaring that I intend to To Experience & Share each of the United States National Parks, plus all of our National Forests and National Monuments. A recent trip through southern Utah has finally prompted me to begin this epic adventure. Over the next decade or so, I'll be traveling to every state and many of the US territories to discover more about this great country and sharing it with you.
Kicking Around Some Landscapes
Between launching a new software company, running my marketing company, working on writing my next novel, getting some hiking in, and raising my sons, I've been playing with little photography.
The Betrayal of Ka By Shea Oliver
The Betrayal of Ka, reviewed by Don Sloan... Kadamba is a typical teen. He’s about to graduate high school and[...]
Betrayal of Ka (Tim Learn’s Review)
WHOA!!! It's a crazy feeling when someone writes something like Tim Learn did about my book. I'm very thankful and[...]
The Betrayal of Ka – Book Review
Check out this review of The Betrayal of Ka by Ms Nose In A Book. My thanks to her for[...]
Download A FREE copy of The Betrayal of Ka
The Betrayal of Ka is FREE for a limited time on Amazon. Please come grab your copy today!
Goodreads Giveaway Starts Today!
Enter to win a signed copy of The Betrayal of Ka on!
Hard Copies, Free Promo Weekend & Goodreads Giveaway
I finally have proof of my book!!! This weekend starts my first promotional push for The Betrayal of Ka, and a more formal launch of me as an author.
The Betray of Ka Listed On Goodreads
The Betrayal of Ka is now listed on Goodreads. Please come by and add it to one of your bookshelves.
My First Novel Available NOW!
My first novel is published!!! I am very excited to announce the launch of The Betrayal of Ka (The Transprophetics, Book One).
My Cover is Almost Finalized
The cover of my first novel, The Betrayal of Ka, is almost finished. Just a few tweaks and it will be done!
Hiking Plan, Wild Basin, July 23, 2015
My hiking plan for July 23, 2015. Please feel free to copy and use in anyway you wish.
Editing Round One Complete
My editor has finished her first read through of my novel. Her report back to me starts with, "I finished your book today, and I’ve been delightfully surprised, moved, and entertained."
Launched My First Crowdfunding Campaign!!!
My first Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is live! Please support me in getting my first novel, The Betrayal of Ka, published.
Launching An Indiegogo Campaign
I have decided to run an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign as part of My Pre-Launch Book Marketing Plan. You might think running a crowdfunding campaign is all about the money, but there's much more to it than that.
Building A Pre-Launch Book Marketing Plan
Now that my editor has my book and is working on her first run-through, I'm left with a little time[...]
Finally Paddling a Little
Mike and I took my canoe out this weekend. We had a blast and managed to snap a couple of decent pictures.
Hired An Editor for My First Novel
Hopping into the Indie publishing world is about like learning to swim. You can easily pay for some lessons, learn some theory, start in the shallow end of the pool, have someone hold you while you practice strokes, and slowly make your way to becoming a swimmer. That's a great way to learn, and it has many advantages. Of course, there's that other way too - DIVE IN! I dove in and have hired an editor.
How I Climbed the “Wrong” Mountain
It happens. Your mind can get lost in the beauty of the place where you are, and before you know it, you've climbed the wrong mountain!
Smokey and a Real Bear!
After hiking for many years in the Colorado Rockies, I'd never seen a bear while on the trail. That finally changed while hiking on the Sandbeach Lake Trail.
My Initial Self-Publishing Plan
After researching the various options for self-publishing my first book, I've laid out my initial plan.
My First Novel, Round Two
I didn't get my novel published going down the traditional path of finding an agent. I've decided that it is now time to head down the Indie publishing path!
Jammin as a Viewbug Curator
I was recently invited to be a curator at site that concentrates on photo contests, ViewBug. It is a little different that other sharing sites and contest sites, as you can "like" a photo, but you can also award photos with various awards such as "Top Choice," "Superb Composition," and "Absolute Masterpiece."
The Zen of Being One
All of the advice about blogging can drive one insane. Rather than trying to write a blog for each of my interests, for which I am failing, I am simplifying and writing one blog.
Wildflowers of the Mt Evans Wilderness
The wildflowers have been crazy this year in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Last week, while I was hiking to the[...]
Lakes, Cascades, and Rain – Water of Mt Evans Wilderness
A day of hiking to Chicago Lakes in the Mt Evans Wilderness, was one of various types of water features. We experienced wonderful mountain stream cascades, sat by beautiful mountain lakes, and hiked through some pleasant mountain showers.
Beautiful Bee on a Sunflower
While hiking in the Garden of the Gods, my hiking companion pointed out this beautiful sunflower with a bee on it. The wind had died down, and it was almost like the bee was posing for the picture. I absolutely love how transparent the bee’s wings are.
Abandoned Wagon of the West
Driving through the area known as North Park, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I spotted this old, abandoned wagon just[...]
Hanging Out with a Bull Moose in RMNP
I was extremely lucky to get to spend an hour and a half with a bull moose in his own world, in the wilderness of Rocky Mountain National Park.
Sternberg Museum
In Hays, Kansas is arguably the most photographed fossil in history. Excavated in Gove County, Kansas in 1952, by  George[...]
Between Game Wandering Along the Yampa
My younger son had a baseball tournament in Steamboat Springs, CO. That's one awesome place to have a tournament. However,[...]
Finch Lake Trailhead to Pear Lake
Yesterday, I got a late start for what would turn out to be a great hike. I hit the trailhead[...]
State Trust Lands & Arapaho National Forest
This last weekend, my younger son, Brandon had a baseball tournament in Steamboat Springs, CO.  Since the boys would be[...]
Eagles Nest Open Space
Near Livermore, CO is Larimer County's Eagles Nest Open Space. Through the years, I have driven by the sign pointing[...]
Who Knew? A Nice Hike Near Carter Lake
Thinking I was just going for a stroll along Carter Lake, I got a great surprise - Sundance Trail is a nice little 3.3 mile trail along the west side of the lake.
Sandbeach Lake In May
A blog post about my hike to Sandbeach Lake in May. The Lake was still frozen, and the weather was crazy, but I got some great pictures and had a wonderful hike.
First 2014 Wild Basin Hike
I headed up this weekend with a friend for a quick hike along the Nighthawk Trail at Hall Ranch.  Within a[...]
The Elevator Pitch
"So, what is your book about?" That sounds like such an easy question. I mean after all, I wrote the[...]
My First Rejection!!!
Yes!!!  I've only sent out a handful of submissions to literary agents, and I already have my first rejection!!!  How[...]
Next Step Toward Publication Underway
Over the last couple of weeks, I have been scouring various literary agency websites, blogs, and other online writer resources.[...]
Finally a Warm Hike
The temperature is finally moving into the range for hiking in shorts and t-shirts along the Colorado Front Range.  [...]
My Book’s “Blurb”
The copies of my rough draft are beginning to come back from friends and family who are reading/editing/proofing for me.[...]
Good Good Friday Hiking
The foothills here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains are melting off and drying up.  On Good Friday, my friend Mike[...]
My Rough Draft is Done!
Last week, I began printing and spiral binding copies of the rough draft of my very first science fiction novel for[...]
Snowshoeing Alone to Two Rivers Lake
A Solo Trek to the Frozen Wild The day started off beautifully sunny and almost warm, but by the end[...]
Hall Ranch Hike with a New Pair of Crampons
ONE MORE EXCUSE GONE!!! In my continuing quest, to eliminate my silly excuses for not hiking in less-than -perfect conditions,[...]
Solo Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park
I've spent too much time complaining about the cold and using it as an excuse not to get into the[...]
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