Blood Sacrifice

Blood Sacrifice - Header

They always diagnosed me with the same mental disorder. However, this shrink listened to my entire story, but her approach to treatment wasn’t something that I ever expected.

The Soulless Sunrise

The Soulless Sunrise - Header

An unexpected conversation with the fallen archangel leads to a valuable insight about how to live one’s life.

The Grave Beneath My Bed

The Grave Below My Bed Header

The stillness of the night releases her ghost from its grave to seek the one who stole her life and left her in a cold hole in the ground.

The Voice on the Beach

The Voice on the Beach Header

Was the voice that I heard something real or was it just my imagination coping with the pain of the loss of my best friend?

To Cheat The Reaper

To Cheat the Reaper Header Image

A thief comes upon the Reaper doing his appointed task and discovers that his time is also nearing an end. What would you do?

What Color Are My Eyes?

Man with eyes hidden

When the darkness of your soul consumes you and following your evil carvings takes hold, the smallest things become impossible to do.

A New Friend for Darius


Father rarely comes home from the city. Mother’s affair keeps her away. What’s a teenager to do when the only other person at home isn’t exactly alive anymore?

With Me Forever

foggy cliffs

Thomas Magee’s longing for his missing lover brings her spirit back to him, but her plans include both a reunion and revenge.

The Cannibal in the Morgue

Toe tag on a dead body

The medical examiner’s unusual taste for the corpses creates a serious issue when one dead victim brings more than just exotic flavors.

Bloodlust: Regret and Redemption

A Graveyard at Night

This is the first short story that I’ve ever shared.

A vampire loses his immortality and faces the reality of taking the life of his lover and drinking her blood.