The Soulless Sunrise

A Chance Meeting with The Devil With No One Left on Earth

• • •

I came upon the devil sitting on the side of the road. His head hung with sorrow and tears filled his eyes.

“What troubles you?” I asked the minion of hell.

“A thousand sunrises without a soul to torment,” he replied sadly.

I challenged his brooding, “Is this not the success of your efforts?”

He tilted his head and looked to the sky. “So, you too are confused by my intentions. I never wanted to destroy all of humankind.”

I scratched my chin and pondered this thought. “Then, what was your mission?”

“To provide balance, the Ying to God’s Yang. My job was simple. I whispered in your ear, so faint that you couldn’t hear, but the thought of what I said would rest upon your soul.”

I gazed at the demon, stunned that I felt pity for his plight.

“So where did it all go wrong?” I asked, wondering whether he would know.

He chuckled for a moment and then shared the truth. “I’m not the one that can turn the heart of a person to stone. All I do is provide thoughts deep in your soul. Choices and actions define who you are, not the whispers that I placed on the wind.”

I awoke from my dream, drenched in a cold sweat, and then unshackled one of my two prisoners, letting her flee.

I slit the throat of the other, looked to the sky, and thought of the devil.

“Balance,” I said with a smile. “I now understand.”

• • •

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