Betrayal of Ka (Tim Learn’s Review)

WHOA!!! It’s a crazy feeling when someone writes something like Tim Learn did about my book. I’m very thankful and honored by his review.


By Shea Oliver 




Mindlessly following the highs a teen life can give him, Ka trumps a teacher after scoring a date from his dream girl. It is like heaven. But then, his business on the side steps in, and after a kid OD’s on his drugs, Ka’s life changes. He finds himself being shifted off to a penal colony on another planet as his old world shifts under tyrannical and ambitious powers. In the end, Ka is barely recognizeable. On top of that, he’s millions of light years away.


The author here keeps a very straightforward tone, giving us the nuts and bolts of each character and scene as fast as possible. In this way, it is fast paced, keeping us reading at every turn. Never is there a chapter beginning or end that dwells to heavily on description, drawing the story out for mere word count. Take a look.

Fifty-eight stories above Schmarlo’s Landing, Tomar Donovackia kicked his feet onto his desk. No one would question anything he did.

Every line packs a punch and keeps the scene and the story going. Throughout the whole book, maybe one or twice did a moment lag or feel unneeded, but not often.