Did You Vote for The Correct Candidate?

Americans went to the voting booth yesterday to cast their ballots. If you watch the news, you might be inclined to think that these so-called leaders have massive influence over your everyday life, but they don’t.

This morning you woke up and your elected officials did not tell you:

  • the clothes that you will wear
  • the friends you can have
  • the products you will buy
  • the place where you will live
  • the activities you do for money

Certainly, larger government policy may have some influence in some these areas, but it is trivial compared to the election that you faced this morning.

Every single day of your life, you wake up to a far more critical ballot. It is a choice of immense consequence. It guides:

  • The thoughts that go through your mind
  • The words that come out of your mouth
  • The actions you take or choose not to take

It all comes down to the most significant choice that you make every single day:

Who am I?

When you cast that vote, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who do I elect to be in charge of my life?
  • What am I willing to do for the person in charge of my life?
  • Do I value myself enough to do what is important to me?

Does Your Vote Really Count?

Many people I know will wake up and cast the same vote that they always cast. The one that subjugates them to the will of other people. They’ll bow their heads and believe that their fate lies in the hands of others.

Unhappy People

Any thoughts or doubts about what they should do, or who they should be, are quickly pushed aside. The questions that scream from deep in their souls are silenced in a cacophony of the monotony of ordinary, drowned out by the incessant whirl of routine, and suffocated with activities of distraction.

ABSOLUTELY: Your Vote Always Counts

When it comes to the most important election in your life – the one that happens every day, your vote is the only one that counts.

Who am I?

You are the only person that can cast the deciding vote. Any other story, excuse, rationalization, or explanation is simply an illusion that you are generating to comfort yourself.

Make today and every single day, the day that you:

  • Elect yourself as the person in charge of your life
  • Chose what is important for you to say and do
  • Prioritize your needs, wants, dreams, and ambitions
  • Eliminate those things that aren’t in your best interest

And most of all, boldly, loudly and confidently declare to yourself and to the world that: