Editing Round One Complete

My novel took a big step forward recently, as my editor returned the final pages of the book. Her first read of the book is now complete. She included a “report” on the book that started with this:

“I finished your book today, and I’ve been delightfully surprised, moved, and entertained.”

That made my day!

She only had two very small story line issues with with whole book. I completely agreed with both of them. With a few hundred words, I should be able to smooth both issues out.

She also gave me two ideas around one of my characters. She felt that this leading female character might be just a little too perfect. Well, she’s not perfect. She’s down right self-consumed and evil, but everything seems to be going exactly her way. I liked one of the ideas quite a bit, and I will add it to the story.

A few people have suggested that I skip the professional editor step in getting my book on the shelves. After working with Nancy, I am completely convinced that skipping this step would have been a mistake.

She worked diligently through the novel doing some great work. She significantly reduced a number of words and phrases that I didn’t even realize were repeated too many times. She added some great little suggestions on word choice and phrasing that will make the whole novel more readable. Having already worked through about a third of the book, her changes, suggestions, and comments, are going to make this novel so much more readable and enjoyable… Not to mention that she’s significantly better at grammar than me!

Don’t skip or skimp on the editor!

About the Cover Image

Occasionally, as I watch the clouds and weather, I realize we have a good chance of a beautiful sunset. This was one of those evenings last year. I quickly loaded my canoe and headed to Lagerman Reservoir, which fairly near my home.

Lagerman Reservoir
Beautiful reflection of the clouds on the water at Lagerman Reservoir in Longmont, Colorado