I started The Priority Paradigm project on a mission to build a greater understanding of people who’ve made radical changes in their lives for something more important. Like anyone who starts any experiment, I had some hypotheses. Guess what I learned?

I’ve been reading about, watching programs on, and studying people like the ones that I’m interviewing for years. They fascinate me. Of course, I’ve read lots of books in the genre of “changing your life,” and “following your dreams.”

However, I’ve always wondered if there was a variance from the “exterior narrative” that is told in so many places, to what is really, really happening inside the minds and hearts of these larger-than-life, unusual folks.

Listening, Pondering, and Truths about Bullshit

Within moments of diving into this project, some clear patterns began emerging. Some of my initial thoughts and assumptions were quickly validated. Some of my thinking continues being tweaked to a more accurate representation.

And of course, like a smack in the head, a few of my hypotheses were wrong. Dead Wrong. And, I’m a little embarrassed about my current state of enlightenment.


If you’ve ever watched my intro video, you’ll hear me say “people just like you and I.” (yes, grammatically that should have been “me,” but after like 600 tries at getting it in one take, you know…).

It’s NOT the radical differences in thinking or emotional state that I am facepalming over. It is that some of my hypotheses were built on a big, stinking pile of bullshit. I’m talking about the self-help, self-improvement, self-development racket that I’m diving into like a 7-year old at a pool party.

Michael Diving into Pool

So, I’m letting you in on a little, open secret. These amazing people, well, they are just like you and me (said Shea using correct grammar for a change). They make these massive, radical changes in their own lives by focusing their minds and thoughts in a slightly different way, and those little variations in focus enable them to do the seemingly impossible.

As much as I was hoping for a Moses-coming-down-from-the-mountain moment with heavenly rays of sunshine illuminating me while I pontificate upon my grand discovery, it ain’t happening folks. I’m not going to find the Holy Grail, the Lost City of Gold, or the Fountain of Youth. Nor am I going to find the Magical Tablets of Radical Change.

The 7 Mindset Secrets for Radically Changing Your Life

Like a writhing glob of primordial ooze, my notes, musings, and highlights are morphing into bullet points and supporting evidence. Words and phrases are emerging from the muck, forming into a structure, battling their way into an architecture of logical configuration.

Maybe a little literary license there? Okay, I’m working on the outline for the book. If you’re paying attention, you’ve already figured out my working title. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing more, including what the 7 Mindset Secrets are. I’m still polishing the initial phraseology and short explanation of each point.


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