The copies of my rough draft are beginning to come back from friends and family who are reading/editing/proofing for me. The feedback has been positive, and I am excited to keep moving forward with my first book.

The next big step in the process of getting my book published is securing an agent. It sounds like such an easy thing to do, but it actually requires a bit of  sales work. One of the critical items that I need for this process is a “blurb.” This is the short sales pitch on the back of a paperback book that entices someone to open the book and read it.

While it may change over time, below is the first cut at my book’s blurb.

Corporate greed and the lust for power have become paramount in the most advanced civilization in the galaxy. The Donovackia Corporation on the planet Koranth acquires the license to invade and exploit Earth. An exploratory mission is sent to ascertain whether Earth has developed the global infrastructure necessary to maximize the potential profits of an invasion. The mission’s twin objective is to find and kill Transprophetics – people with telekinetic or paranormal abilities.

Kadamba Vorhoor, a teenager on the planet Koranth, is recruited by a powerful drug lord. After committing a terrible crime, Kadamba is branded a monster, brutalized in prison, but through a twist of fate ends up in the Donovackia Corporation’s military on the exploratory mission to Earth. Teamed with a Transprophetic hunter and racked with the guilt of his own past, Kadamba must decide between carrying out his mission or protecting the people of Earth.

I am hoping to have most of the edits completed in the next few days.  Then next week, I will begin the process of sending queries to agents.


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