Next Step Toward Publication Underway

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been scouring various literary agency websites, blogs, and other online writer resources.  My goal was to identify a large list of potential agents.

My book is an awesome book, at least, I firmly believe that it is. However, that doesn’t get it on the bookshelves at your bookstore. Selling the book does that, and the next step is to get some agents interested in reading it. The standard, accepted process to do that is via querying potential agents. Once upon a time, that was done via a query letter in the mail.  Of course, it’s mostly done via the Internet these days.

The temptation is there to create some mass email and send it to every agent on the list.  That’s probably the fastest way to failure. Each agency and each agent have a slightly different spin on how they want to receive an initial submission. It feels like a slow process, but I have sorted my agent list, and one-at-a-time, I am working through the submission process.